Pip reconsideration

Does anyone know roughly how long it takes for reconsideration for Pip? It’s been a long drawn out process but finally got additional letters from GP, neuro, ophthalmologist etc sent off last Tuesday. The whole thing has been a sham, I never did get to speak to the decision maker (the so called phone call I was meant to get) they did try to phone, left message on voicemail on 9th July, but not phoned back since. Anyway as far as I’m concerned I have sent everything in, so I am not sitting by my phone anymore, will just wait and see what happens next.

Izzy xx

Hi Izarm.
The latest news I have seen is unfortunately the goal posts on MRs have been moved.
I believe the target was 2 weeks and was recently changed to 4 weeks.
However there are instaces on other forums that it is taking longer in some cases.

Take Care and Good Luck!


Hi Steve,

Cheers for your reply, I guess Its a case of how long is a piece of string!!..lol, just need to be patient eh…

take care and thanks again

Izzy xx

Mine took a month but because gp was useless I had no evidence so they contacted atos, I was awarded standard on both.

Hi Alysea

Thanks for your reply.

izzy xx