PIP problems?

Hi thanks for adding me to the forum.

My wife has ppms. She has endured it for 20 years and has always been awarded the higher rate of DLA.

Last month she was assessed for the new PIP. The result was that she no longer qualifies for anything.

Have the goal posts been moved that much?

We are in the process of appealing but we are not very hope full.

Whats been frustrating is that over the years her M/S has ‘progressed’ ( Its in the name.) yet does not now meet the new criteria.

Can we ask have others on this forum been put in this situation and what was the outcome.

Many thanks.



Hello,I also have PPMS and was on DLA but due to my MS getting worse I decided to apply for PIP,I sent my information back with supporting info from my MS nurse and social worker who did my care plan,I did not have to go to a face to face review with Atos,I think the more info you provide the better it is to support your application.i was awarded higher rate for mobility and daily living.

The first time I put in for DLA several years ago I was turned down and had to go to an appeal,I think appeal win level is very high,I’m sure I have read 75%.

I have used my local welfare rights and I know others have used citizens advice to help with the forms.Good luck with your application.

joy division say’s it so correct, i’m spm/s, what ever that means!! & went through the mill with these guy’s but came out with (from top DLA to top PIP) so what was the point in putting me & many other’s with chronic probs ie, (M/S) through all that crap???

Sorry for rant! ( i am from Macclesfield )

good luck,Julien,


Yes the goal posts have moved and not in our favor.

**I would strongly advise you to take a look at **www.benefitsandwork.co.uk Website.

It has some excellent advise on how to interpret the questions on the claim form and on how to fill them in.

It’s about £20 to join but well worth it, plus they do have special offers on sometimes.


Thanks for your replies.

We live in Lincolnshire and dont have a local M/S nurse. We only see the consultant once a year for about 10 minuets.

I think some of the problems might be to do with the people doing the tests in the fact they are not M/S specialists.

One size fits all etc…

Will let you know what happens.

When you apply for Mandatory Reconsideration, send some supporting evidence from your consultant or GP. When I switched from DLA to PIP I went from middle rate care/high rate mobility to standard rate on both, simply because I relied on Capita to contact my healthcare providers for supporting evidence. They don’t always do that, apparently. When I applied for Mandatory Reconsideration I included a medical report from my MS nurse. I was awarded high rate for both components.

Also, ask for a copy of the assessor’s report. However well the face-to-face assessment seemed to go, the information may not reflect your life experiences. When I received a copy of my report, I found inaccuracies and omissions that were bound to affect the decision maker’s view of my needs. With a copy of the report you can see why the decision maker gave the points that were awarded.

That sounds very wrong. I`m glad you are asking for it to be questioned.

People with progressive MS dont suddenly go from needing a lot of help to none!

As if! It makes my blood boil, it really does!