Pip mobility

Is it me who just doesn’t get it or is it the ars**oles who designed pip? Did it ever occur to them when they came up with the magical 20 metre figure that in essence it is 10, after all you have to get back to where you started. My path is over 20 metres long so if I get halfway down it and can get back again I would not qualify for the enhanced rate of mobility. I would never be able to leave my garden again but it is a small price to pay for the bankers still paying themselves bonuses and Gideon selling publicly owned RBS shares at bargain prices to his trader mates. Who voted these muppets in?

Lots of people are getting it though.

Hopeful, you raise a valid point. I don’t claim PIP as I can walk a great deal further than that before I need to rest, but need to rest I do. How much rest we need must vary from person to person as does the distance we can walk, so how can people be tested to such a firm, completely inflexible rule? We are all different!

Also, I’m rarely the same two days running. How would they measure that?

How long is a piece of string? Exactly!

I will be called to apply for PIP too…after being on DLA since 2000…I have nil mobility!


It’s a crazy format!!! I did not qualify for mobility as I am able to walk the 20 yet they don’t see that I need to hold on to someone after a short distance due to balance and weakness in my legs… And I’m sure I’m not the only one x