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Hi all My husband has just had to send proof documents to confirm his health etc to trsnsfer from dla to pip so now we have had a letter for him for a home visit assessment from a health professional. Has anyone else been through this? Caz

Hi lushcaz

​we just had the very same thing read my pip

live just emailed our MP for support just in case we have a similar appeal type situation that we had for esa out of work medical assessment.

its seems to us that we are going through the bigotry loop that tries to get people to drop the claim or be accepted on a lessor amount sometimes it’s just best to dig your heals in call up on all the support from citizens advise ms advise and Local MP if needed

will let you know how we get on in two weeks


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Hi Caz

I had my home visit a few weeks ago. I was very nervous but the assessor was lovely. She was clearly well informed having been an O/T and compassionate having been a mental heath RN prior to that. In fact she was keen to signpost MrH to support services too. She asked a few questions, listened to what both hubby and I said and didn’t press me to do anything that I wasn’t comfortable with. All in all I found it to be a positive experience and not at all what I was expecting. But I had done the whole death by google stuff and of course people only shout loudly when they’ve had a negative experience. I think there are a few of us that got the good guys ! I hope you get one of them too !

All the best.

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Hubby is mainly bedbound and has severe cognitive dysfunction. He is partially sighted now due to the lesions and his speech is less. We have ceiling hoists and through floor lift so hopefully they can see we have nothing to hide.

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i’m sure that your home visit will go well.

blinking heck, if they can’t see the ceiling hoist and through floor lift - well should’ve gone to specsavers!

it’s infuriating that you have to be put through this just for political pointscoring,

it will soon be over and a distant memory.

carole x

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What i can’t understand is why the in-depth medical information wasn’t enough.

Hi Caz

In your case, it really should have been enough. I suspect it’s a combination of things that have caused them to put you through the assessment rather than ‘on the papers’. The first is the wording you use to describe how your husband fits the various descriptors. Second it’s using actual examples of things he can and can’t do, ie what exact things he needs help with (obviously almost everything!). The last (and possibly the most important) is the evidence you supply that goes along with the statements you’ve made.

In fact, I suspect that people who’ve got / had relapsing remitting MS, or have had other problems in addition to MS, or have had a variety of different appointments, or of course have been recently diagnosed, have a whole load more paperwork to support their claims. Because I see a rehabilitation consultant, and my MS nurse, have had neurologists appointments, see a physiotherapist regularly, have just had a colostomy and have paperwork galore, or can get the various people to write letters, it’s easier for me to back up my claim with written evidence.

When you have PPMS and have been diagnosed quite some time ago, you probably don’t see the medical professionals quite so frequently, so written evidence isn’t just handily ‘there’.

Rest assured your husband will clearly meet all the various descriptors and will qualify for the full awards, and I would expect for the full 10 years. If by some terrible mischance he doesn’t, something somewhere has gone wrong. And in that case it’ll be a case of working through the damned system until they get it right.

Best of luck.


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This is not a medical assessment - but a fuctionality one.

How does he function with daily living?

How much help does he need?

How much evidence on this did you send?

OT and physio or Community Rehab Team reports or Care Plans or Adult Social Care or Carer’s Assessments,

which include evidence on his ability to wash, dress, cook etc.,. to back up your claims on the form.

If the assessor doesn’t see this NHS evidence they will ask to see you, rather than do a desktop assessment only.

Only 14% of PIP assessments are paper-based assessments - which indicates MSers are not keeping their

NHS assessments up-to-date before a PIP assessment is due. Better to organise these functionality NHS assessments in

advance before the brown envelop arrives. Less stressful than having a face-to-face assessment.

Firstly they phoned on the day and cancelled…as it was unpaid leave for me I lost out there too. They said assessor sick…not as sick ad i felt. As for paper evidence i have everything from recent occupational therapist to MS nurse . Speech and language therapists. This should have been enough. I think its disgusting. When they finally see him if they turn up they will see how helpless he is.

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Believe me i have every letter available and didnt need to prepare as one step ahead. However it was not enough obviously.

i agree with you wholeheartedly caz you have done nothing wrong other than live in a society where the less fortunate get treated dreadfully. i can feel your anger seeping through your words. your husband is lucky to have such a strong fierce woman fighting his corner.


Well Tomorrow is the day if the Health assessor turns up.

Been told to have Passport and id ready for hubby…They may even ask for mine when they come.

He used to be on Indefinite High rate on both with DLA do they still do indefinite?

No not indefinite, but 10 year awards are likely when there is no likelihood of improvement. Plus the DWP have recently said they’ll be adopting ‘light touch’ reviews of people with lifelong conditions whose health is unlikely to have changed. These are likely to be just paper exercises, confirm you’re still who you say you are, that you’re still in the same circumstances (or worse) and which bank account do you want the money to go to!

Why they couldn’t just backtrack and give lifelong awards I don’t know. It seems likely they’ll be almost lifetime!!

Stupid bloody DWP rules.

Good luck for tomorrow Caz, you shouldn’t need luck though, I think it’ll be blindingly obvious the minute the assessor meets you and your husband that he qualifies for enhanced awards of both elements.


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good luck for tomorrow.

i hope they take one look at you and your husband and feel a deep sense of shame for their part in putting you through this c*ap.

if i was one of the assessors i’d be angry with the DWP myself!

kick arse caz!


Lushcaz - been thru a F2F myself. They will ask HIM the questions, they want to see what he will say/do but obbviously, if he can’t answer or does not know, do not be afraid to chip in. They have to come see for themselves, in case we are a load of lying scumbags. I’m sure it will go alright. You will be waiting a few weeks for the result letter (thats normal)

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Ok…Well the assessor was an OT. She made the point that she will be asking hubby questions if he has difficulties she will then ask me…Well No if he is having difficulties I will tell you as I did. Well she admitted to me that I had sent a very thorough list of medical letters etc. We now have to wait 4 to 6 weeks.

all this waiting adds to the stress. it’s out of your hands just now so try to find other topics to chat to your husband about. in an ideal world there would be special hotels for couple like yourselves. once i’m queen of the world, i’ll have them put in place. try to relax caz, because you could end up being ill through stress. you’re important, the lynchpin in your husband’s care. xx


I was told 4 to 6 weeks, it was 2 weeks, so hopefully you wont have to wait too long, i dont think you will have any problems honeslty if you do then well there is no justice. xxx

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I will admit it is already taking toll on me.

My husband and also my mother with dementia…What can I say?

And breathe

Hi all UPDATE…HUBBY GOT ENHANCED DAILY LIVING AND ENHANCED MOBILITY. OK…Now this is a great outcome but attached to the letter is a score sheet which in parts is a joke. I have just called the case manager and she will be sending me the assessment report. For example my husband is bedbound and does Nothing for himself. The score for washing and bathing and needing assistance was 4 the highest 8…if he cant do anything it should be 8. The letter also states this is based on him NOT having a face to face consultation…HE DID!!! I await the report.