Home visit for PIP assessment

Over and done. My assessor was a lady who had been a mental health nurse for twenty years before working in occupational health. She seemed very pleasant and certainly knew a lot about MS. She even knew my Doctor, nurse and occi health practitioners !

We shall see how much she took in about ME and whether it is reflected in the report that she writes.Im exhausted, mentally and physically. It was draining and very upsetting to have to talk about the realities of how cruel this insidious disease actually is. I cried A LOT but she was very reassuring. I didn’t feel that she was merely ticking boxes.

The waiting game begins…

Best of luck with the wait Mrs H.

Try not to worry too much.


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that was the thing that infuriated me the most about the whole PIP palaver, how depressing it is to talk or write about how difficult life has become. do they really want us to do a mass jump off a bridge? well tough, i love my life even with a wonky body!


Well done.

Phone and get a copy of the report. You can get a copy as soon as the assessor hits the send button. Try phoning on Friday, mind Bank Holiday will delay things.

report will give you details of what was written and points awarded so hopefully you can work out what you’ve been


Fingers crossed.

Jen x

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Who do I ring to get a copy please ?

Hey, get as much information from different specialists that you can… It took me 14 months and ended up going to court! i recently won my appeal but a very up hill struggle. I hope you have better luck with a quick response xx

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Congratulations on getting a home assessment, as it seems they can be quite difficult to get. I hope you get a positive outcome.

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I didn’t even ask … the appointment was sent as a home visit !!

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To get a copy, phone the number on the letter DWP PIP number. Think it’s 0345850 3322 They’ll want your NI number and date of birth to confirm it’s you. Jen x

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Hope it’s went well for you. I’ve got my home assessment on Tuesday n I am dreading it. Make sure you get a copy of your assessment. Good luck with it all xxx

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You too Zara ! The nerves made my symptoms worse so I hope that she was able to accurately describe how bad it is.

Just got a letter they have changed it to the middle of June now could actually scream wiv it all can’t deal with drama xxx

Aarrgghh !!! I’d like to force feed these pip posts to Esther McDWP !!!

*** update *** Just received the brown envelope and opened it with shaking hands. But I was mighty relieved to read that I have been awarded enhanced rates for both mobility and daily living, until 2028. I am so thankful that my impressions of the assessor were right and that she took on board the issues that I described. Phew… and breathe…


Hooray for you. And that probably puts you in the ‘light touch’ review after 10 years group. (What they’ve said is that those people with lifelong conditions on 10 year awards with enhanced daily living and mobility!)

And benefits and work have said the ‘light touch’ means just contacting you, making sure nothings changed, including bank account details!!

So my reading of that means that it’s virtually the same as a ‘lifetime’ award.

Hope so.



Forgot to say, the whole process was started on the 4th April, so took nearly three months.

A horrible three months. It’s always horrible. It doesn’t matter how prepared you are, how much you know about the benefit. Horrible. Well done for coming out the other side victorious. And that in itself is it’s own kind of horrible. Proving how knackered you are body and mind, from MS.



That’s EXACTLY it Sue. There is absolutely no positive about it. I got the award, reinforcing how MeSsed up I am. I’d far rather be completely in the dark about bloody PIP and back at in my old office. I can’t be glad about getting something I didn’t ever think I’d need. So I’m unhappily happy. Or happily unhappy. I’m damned if my MeSsed up cognition can work it out !!


well now MrsH you can stuff all that paperwork into a dusty corner and get on with your life.

(assuming a dusty corner exists in your place)

have a nice drink, i know you’re not a gin fiend but maybe a wine or sherry will suffice.

celebratory chocolates too.


Makes perfect sense to me Mrs H.

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