PIP award

Many fear the arrival of PIP, at first a few to start with then rolled out everywhere, I waited, then I waited, and waited, after decade and more of DLA I took the bulls by the horns, I applied for PIP, I waited again, a war and peace type questionnaire arrived, my wife filled out all necessary questions, we returned said volume, I waited again, a letter arrived informing me that they had all information necessary and would make decision shortly, there was no need for me to enquire, I waited, then waited some more, then some more, today a letter arrived stating I had been awarded 12 points for mobility and 44 points for care, there was no interview, no home assessment, nothing, full entitlement, to start in March, they will be in touch to see if life improves for me in November 2029, will I live that long, of course, auld Liz has promised to send me a telegram for my 100th, if anybody has still to await the PIP, just tell the truth of everyday, Brian


I’m sorry that you need PIP obviously, but more than pleased you have the award you are entitled too. Well done now relax

Glad you got your award.I had a liar for an assessor.I should have appealed but couldnt face it i lost my mobility car and am now housebound.

apply again but this time get help. you are entitled to it. they have changed a lot now and more aware of the downs of it. so please you are entitled to it. xxx

I have left it too late to appeal CC.they awarded me standard care and standard mobility and i was on High rate care and mobility on DLA for 24 year.Also i dare not risk loosing what they have awarded me as i only just scraped through on points to get that,so if they took even 1 point off me i would have lost the standard award and i just cant afford to.If they had awarded me nothing at all it would have made it easier for me to appeal as i would have had nothing to loose.When my review comes up in 2 year i bet they knock more points off but if they do i will appeal then.The system is corrupt the only reason PIP was brought out was to get as many off indefinate high rate DLA as possible.The stories on the PIP forum i am on are unbelievable.

sorry i misunderstood i struggled to read yesterday yes i would just let it lay. the idea of PIP is to cut back on mobility cars. You have to be virtually bed ridden to get full mobility although i got enhanced rate i was shocked. I know another lady who got it and i have never seen her once in a wheelchair or use a walking stick, not sure how she got it at all. she doesnt have MS, she is undiagnosed.

i wonder if its a post code thing to be honest.

I arrived in my wheelchair with my careworker and my husband. I dont have a care worker now since i moved into sheltered as i cant afford it, as all my money goes to pay my rent and i live on my pension. so my daughter helps me now with shower and stuff.

I miss my girl as she would do my feet for me too bliss. I still have a cleaner, and someone does all my laundry and changes my bed which all costs money. I spend 360.00 on all the help i get plus 500.00 on rent before i buy food and clothing and pay my electric etc. So i just dont have spare for care which i am desperate for but i cant do my own laundry and i cant do my bed or clean my flat, its a toss up so my daughter helps me.

the thing is with the mobility they get you if you arrive in your car and ask can you PLAN A JOURNEY, well the fact a lot of people arrive in their own car… its written in such a way you dont have much chance.

I do have to say though i have read a lot of good stories too. its got better. PIP is not DLA nothing like it. xxxxx My award is from 2017 ongoing.

I dont think i will be here in 10 years to be fair. I really dont want to struggle another 10 years living on my own with this disease lol for company. xxxxxx

pip is supposed to be awarded on how we are and how we manage its not easy to getif its needed farless blag

i got it in 2014 got revied in 2017 now up to full care standard mobility

Have you tried the MS Society’s Benefit adviser? He is really good and helps you with the form. He gave me lots of guidance. He even told me what to do when you go to see the PIP assessor. Just call the MS Society’s Helpline and they will transfer you to the guy. Hope that helps x

Hi, glad to read you have got the award. It is quite rare that someone gets what they call a paper assessment. Id been on full DLA for 20 years and dreaded the transition. I had a home based assessment . I did get the full award, but 2 answers the assessor put down were wrong. I have no need to fight it. I have this award for 10 years...Ill be 77! Bouds xx

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Hi Hun,

I will be going through tribunal soon. So tired of dealing with PIP it’s whole stress of its own.

was just wondering where and how can I get hold of the benefit advisor?

thanks x

Me too bouds. 10 years woopee doo dah.