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I know this has probably been posted lots of times before but it’s been playing on my mind ever since my assessment. I am currently on the DLA both at the higher rate for both components supposedly indefinitely and have had my assessment for PIP and am waiting for the result. My question is what would happen if they refuse my PIP what would I do for money? I am unable to work and have a letter from my doctor saying I would be unable to work so where would my life be, no money coming in not able to work. Should I just resign myself to a life with no future?

If I am too ill to work to earn money, unable to get JSA and get refused PIP despite being on DLA until now what happens now? Maybe I should apply to become a foreigner and then I should get looked after. I worked for 22 years and never claimed anything until I got MS.

I am dreading every morning for the post to arrive in case the PIP decision is in it, I know I haven’t been refused it yet but it’s just getting me down. I’m sure it’s not helping my MS, which is bad enough without this pressure.

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I have recently been re-assessed for PIP and, like you, I am awaiting the results. With regards to not being able to work, have you applied for ESA. Employment Support Allowance? I was unfortunately dismissed from my work on capability grounds and have not worked for just over a year. I applied for ESA and I am currently receiving this benefit (obviously it does not replace my salary but it does give me some income) hope this helps.

'Take care



Bloody hell!

Book an appointment with your Citizens Advice Bureau and ask them about the appeal process.

My PIP assessment should be coming up this year so I’m preparing myself with an arsenal of symptoms, GP’s, Neuro’s & MS nurse’s statements and a fine collection of disability aids. Aids from the practical to the downright disgusting, because when the shit hits the fan …

Plus, of course the combined knowledge of this Forum. I only joined this year but I’ve discovered that this Forum has a forumidable (sorry, couldn’t resist it) treasure chest of experience that we can all draw on. As if we haven’t got enough on our plates without playing silly games to satisfy Cameron’s lust for a balance sheet in the black by 2015.

Keep up the good work!



Thanks everyone.

I’m still waiting for the results with fingers crossed.

I had already sent in letters from my GP, who said everyone at the doctors surgery are behind me, letters of all documents send from everyone in the MS team at the hospital as well as stating everything that has to be done to me to try and help me through the day.

If they refuse and I have to do appeal I’ll definitely take my daily devices I need from my catheters to my peristeen devices to show them what is involved. As corporal Jones would say about them “they (wouldn’t) don’t like it up them”.

i still don’t know why they are making people with neurological problems go through such an ordeal especially if all the medical evidence is saying that the person needs it. It makes no sense to me.



Hi Bill,

The whole thing just makes my blood boil. This was my second assessment in a couple of years. I have 3 conditions, all lifelong. I know they are just doing their job and following the guidelines but c’ mon their stupid memory tests alongside the number thing and the word thing OMG why can’t they just give people the benefit they deserve and need instead of all this jumping through hoops (I wish) carry on. Rant over. Good luck.

Izzie xx

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If you aren’t happy with your PIP result the next step is a mandatory reconsideration to DWP and then if you are still not happy then it would be a formal appeal which would be heard and adjudicated by a formal Tribunal. For both these processes be mindful of the timescales for submission otherwise its back to the start with a new application.

From what you are saying with all the evidence that you have you should be OK. If for some unbelievably strange reason you don’t retain your higher rate mobility and care assessment I would urge you to contact your local CAB. I do some volunteering with my local CAB (now just called Citizens Advice, the Burea bit has been dropped) and they provide really good support in completing the documentation for PIP forms and Mandatory Reassessments… They would also be able to carry out a full benefits check to make sure that you are claiming all the benefits that you are entitled to including ESA.

Good Luck


It’s all very worrying I know. I went through this last summer. I was on the highest rate of DLA for mobility and middle rate for help with personal care indefinitely. After the assessment like you I dreaded the post dropping through the letter box, but when it did I got the highest rate of PIP for both, but only for three years. I just wanted to wish you well and hope you get the result you need. Like the others have said, if not, go to appeal and get help from the CAB or maybe your local branch of the MS Society can help or direct you to someone who can guide you through the process. Good luck xx


Thanks Flowerpot.

It seems weird replying to Flowerpot, but I luv the name.

Thanks again you made me smile.

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hi billywhizz

try to not fret as you don’t know yet; i was convinced id get nothing, but i got 12 points’ worth, giving me a reasonable addition to my pay (now my pension). more relevantly, if you were on the higher rate for dla that surely must translate to the same for pip? if not, presumably you’d have good cause to successfully appeal.

don’t forget, its not over til’ the fat lady sings.

best of luck, cheers fluffyollie


Very sorry to hear that you are experiencing this awful pressure and I can only sympathise with you about money worries caused by MS. However I cannot sympathise with this kind of statement, it’s inaccurate and makes me feel very uncomfortable as it sounds to me close to racism.


Dear Bill,

Olly has got it right.

You are worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet (The Decision).

When “they” decide to uphold your benefits, you’ll feel enormously relieved. If “they” decide to side with the government cutbacks in the face of The Bleedin’ Obvious, then, and only then, should you think about phoning the CAB about an appeal.

JC’s got some form in this area. And JC’s right.

I, also, have been a volunteer in a disability drop-in shop and you’d be amazed by the amount of support that’s available; Legal, Social Services, Local Authorities, MS Soc. etc.

If you want to work off some nervous energy, pop into your local library (if you still have one) and ask the librarian about Disability Rights. Librarian’s love it when they’re asked to find information. It’s what they’re trained for. There’s a lot more to it than just logging books in and out!

Relax. Have a cup of tea and a biscuit, then hunker down with a copy of War and Peace. Just concentrate on the Peace bit.

Peace & Love. OK?



To be fair I think the foreigner comment was tongue in cheek and not meant as a racist comment.



I’m certainly not racist blessed-n-stressed, I find it quite obscene of you to think I was. All I was trying to do was put a light hearted spin at the end of my post where I was explaining the turmoil I was in following my interrogation by someone who obviously hadn’t a clue what having MS can do to people. If they think that I don’t need PIP with all the paperwork, doctors letters and everyone who knows me what do they think I need to live on? I’d be better of dead, maybe that’s what they want.

To think I’m racist blessed-n-stressed do you like kicking a man when he’s down ?

MS is bad enough as it is without having to find posts like that from people who surely know how depressing, energy sapping, humiliating and life changing it can be.

i was only coming on this site to post a short history of my diagnosis, but I don’t think I’ll bother now, I thought this site was for people with MS to ask questions and share things about their MS to other MS sufferers, not to pick faults with others thoughts following a traumatic day.

In fact blessed-n-stressed you’ve just made a fellow sufferer, if you are, start to question if there are actually people out there that do care. So to make it better for you I’ll retire gracefully from this site so you never have to hear any more of my life trying to cope with my MS.

i hope you’re happy with yourself.


Thanks, the words small minded come to mind thinking about blessed-n-stressed.

I regret making a public comment when a better course of action would have been to mention my views a to the moderators.

The evidence from the replies that you have to your post is that this forum is supportive and helpful and that some do not agree with me.

I am sorry you have been distressed. I have MS and it does not mean I agree with everyone with MS. I does mean that I could have thought through more how you were feeling and left my views aside rather than challenging yours.

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For heaven’s sake! All these people in various threads throwing their toys out of the pram, threatening to leave the forum etc. Such dramatics. I thought it was a forum for people with ms and an adult one at that. Billywhizz, if still reading which I’m sure you are, to read reactions to your post, your post WAS racist and seems to have been deemed as such by admin. If people can’t take some comment on the chin on a forum, how on earth do they deal with life and ms in the real world. I have enjoyed many posts here from longtime members, knowledgeable and helpful ones, informative ones, but when I come across childish behavior and comments it does make me cross. Now I could post this anonymously to avoid the comments I’ll likely receive in response, but I won’t. I just might get upset and flounce off the forum too. After I announce it of course!! Rant over!


Methinks you protest too much.


Well said Poppy!


Hi BillyWhizz, how come you are not claiming benefits if you have worked for 22 years you are entitled to it. If you had to leave work then you should be on ESA surely.

DLA is actually supposed to be for helping you with issues you have with mobility and care, so paying for care, or buying mobility aids etc, its not really a benefit to just live on. You shouldnt have to just live on it.

You should with great urgency see the job centre and sign on you are entitled to benefits like the old sick pay we used to get.

You are also entitled to some form of benefit even if your single if you are not bringing in any money. DLA is not means tested, and having it should not affect any entitlements you should receive to help you live.

No one expects you to just live on DLA, you should have that as extra money coming in to help you cope with your illness. x