Pins and Needles

Hi Pat

thanks for your response about the pins and needles much appreciated. Looks like I can post again now so all is well with the world. I am due to see my consultant on 17th so will mention to him about the pins and needles and maybe he can look at my meds again.

Take Care

love Mark xx

You’re very welcome Mark. So glad you can post again!

Pat x

Hi Pat MS Matters had a good article on pins and needles this month must have known I was going to ask about this.

On a brighter note have just ordered my new car and it should be here for christmas so getting out and about will be alot easier then as can get wheelchair in etc.

Love Mark xx

Hi Mark, yep good article… and it’s great to see SO much about progressive MS in this issue!

A note for other PPMSers… if you join the MS Society you will get the quarterly magazine… and if you join now I assume you will get this latest issue with loads of info about progressive MS and lots about research into PPMS. Got to ‘Get Involved’ at top of this page. Left hand side is menu… go to ‘membership’.

Great news about the car Mark. I just hope Santa can fit it in his sack!

Love Pat xx

thanks Pat I hope it can get on my drive it is a big car !!! If not looks like another job to get done.

Mark x