pins and needles/numbness

hello, just diagnosed. my brain is clear but my spinal cord has 2 lesions. apparently they noticed the first 1 in 2014 ( no one said anything to me at the time) second lesion around may/ june this year. i was getting treated for a stroke but after brain mri there was no sign of a stroke. so sent for spine mri. been diagnosed with ms 6 weeks. no treatment but really struggling with pins and needles/ numbness in right hand and balance issues. don’t know if there’s anything that can be done to help with these symptoms, i need to get back to work after 4 months off with very little ssp to cover bills.

Hi Ritchie and sorry to hear about the diagnosis. I was diagnosed some 17 years ago with RRMS . You say no treatment ? I’m wondering is this just something you are waiting for? I know that the wait can be agonising and frustrating

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I was surprised by the ‘no treatment’ comment too.

hi hank. consultant says it’s slow progressing. 9 years between lesions and wants to just monitor it with mri scans every 6 months. but that doesn’t help with the symptoms i have now. i tried to contact consultant 3 weeks ago to ask if there’s anything he can do to help me get over this but no reply as yet. i feel things are getting worse rather than better. i feel like i’ve no motivation, i’m tired all the time i have bladder problems with kidney stones ( don’t know if they’re related to ms) i feel like i’ve got a permanent hangover.

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