Pill picker upper.

Keep dropping my tablets on the floor they seem to be getting smaller and more slippery or I’m just losing some grip , oh is normally around to retrieve them but not this morning and cat decided he would have a play with it luckily he didn’t try licking it my cat on tazanadin doesn’t bear thinking about, tried my grab stick but it’s not delicate enough ,anybody any suggestions or gadgets you have tried too help I would be very grateful.

Good weekend all .Katy

My grabber Helping Hands one, has a rubber grip and does the job, as long as i keep my grip on the trigger!

But it is hard…the little blighters are slippery and like to escape us.


How about a small piece of double sided tape on your grabstick?

My Dad used a walking stick and he had a small roll of double sided tape for this very purpose. He would put a bit on the handle and use his stick upside down to pick up pills, papers, flyers through the door and if small enough the odd letter that came through the door.

On the subject of cats and meds my cat has managed to take a whole packet of strong painkillers from my bedside table. I know she hasn’t eaten them as they’d be enough to kill a horse but for the life of me I can’t find where she has hidden them.

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I know what I’m about to say is probably awkward for you but the best course of action is don’t drop it on the floor in the first place. Or rather when you do drop it; which is inevitable; let it fall on a tray; table or something that you do not have to bend to the floor to pick up.

Do you realise how many germs can get on anything that falls on the floor? Germs transfer instantly; if a pill falls on the floor; throw it away.


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Thinking outside the box, how about a bug/spider catcher? It’s a plastic pyramid on a long handle. You put the pyramid over the bug/spider/pill you want to catch and slide a little “door” across under it. (The door can be tapped into place with a stick if you can’t bend down.) You then pick up the item you’ve caught and deal with it as necessary.

Thank you for your suggestions,I will try some or invent a gadget that does the job.


open them on the table, then as George says, they don’t fall on the floor. If its been on the floor - in the bin!! GERMS! we don’t need to poisen ourselves do we??

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Not always so easy some of these blister packs the pills will ping to the other side off the room .


talk to the dispensing pharmacist as theres an abundance of alternative help out there. i cant manage the childproof tops or heavy bottles. my pharmacist puts meds in an easy open top (meds that come in a blister pack originally) and the big bottle is split in to 2 smaller easy open bottles.

its worth explaining what YOUR issue is-they probably can help!


Thanks I do open them on the table it’s the transferring them to my mouth that I drop them or sometimes they bounce of the table when pushed from the pack .I would like to be able to throw them away but I am only prescribed enough for the month and have no spares so needs must.


I always seem to drop mine from table to mouth but we always use the 6 second rule… So long as you pick it up in 6 seconds … It won’t hurt you…lol

I have thyroxine in blister packs, they are TINY and I regularly pop em all on the table and put in a old pill bottle. Easier to handle. Yes we have the escapees and chemist persist in packs of 28, when in actual fact VERY FEW MONTHS HAVE 28 DAYS!!

Perhaps you could open them into a small cup or glass and then use that to tip them into your mouth rather than trying to pick the pesky little things up with your fingers

Blister packs are the bane of my life. Yes, we can open the blighters on a table - they jump off. Or into a cup - but you still have to make them come out of the wretched blister pack first. And they do go bouncing around the floor. So whether you choose to take them or throw them, you first have to find em. Easier said than done. I’m forever shining the torch (aka mobile phone) into dark corners. The last thing I want is for the cat to find an errant tablet and start playing with it. And once found it’s a case of reaching the teeny weeny thing. Even with a grabber. Bloody things.


I got a pill popper from the chemist that pushes the pills out of the blister packs and collects them.

Takes a while to get the best technique but works for me.

I then put my pills in a daily pill box. One for mornings and one for evenings. Just open the box and tip straight into my mouth.

Jen x