Physio issues.

Hi, Bit of background; I saw a chiropractor privately for about a year in 2011 due to severe back pain, neck pain and very stiff and painful legs when walking, before switching to a physio under the nhs. Well this physio was good for a while efficient, sorted me out with personalised insoles for apparent high arches and posture training. I sort of stopped seeing him in October (my health goes through phases which I’m sure you’re all aware of) which I was okay with as at the time I was in a good place. I went back after Christmas wanting to get insoles changed he said he’d order them, come February, no sign of them he said he’d give me a ring when they arrived. I was away for the rest of February so told him not to ring then. I waited throughout march, legs getting gradually worse, I started exercise in march which triggered this whole thing off. I tried ringing him with regards to insoles but he never got back to me so in the end during april mum emailed him (as she works in the nhs and could contact him through the intranet) I was mortified at doing this but desperate by then as the falling had started. Then the water running down my left leg started. My legs have got gradually worse when walking and now my left leg is so stiff it hurts to bend at the knee simply sitting with my feet on the floor causes pain in my thigh and ankle, so I sit with my legs elevated, now I don’t know if this is caused by what I’m going through (my other symptoms all point to neurological problems but my legs is what I’m questioning) or lack of insoles, my legs are so stiff I’m constantly waking on my heels (not consciously as when I consciously try to do it, I fall) as it hurts to put my toes on the floor. My left leg is considerable worse though. Anyway I was in the place he worked on Friday and left a message at reception for him to ring me, which he did, I wasn’t in, he didn’t leave me enough time to get home but he said he’d ring me today and he hasn’t so he probably didn’t write it down to ring me and has forgotten. My question is, I’ve been through trying to ring him and getting him to ring me to make an appointment. D I just keep badgering him? I don’t want to appear rude! But I have to wait two months possibly for neuro (they havent received the referral yet so may brin it forward) and I don’t know if I can go on that long like this, I miss walking, and now I have the time to do it I want to be out there not struggling to get up stairs and walking the dog his constitutional which is short right now. I feel like I’m sliding, I just wanted his help, all I wanted to know was if he had my insoles or could tell me where to get them done I don’t mind paying. It may be they don’t help, but I just need to try anything. I also wanted his help to help with my left leg. Maybe he can do massage or something, I’m so uncomfortable. Sorry about the length, I just need help with what to do, what would you do in my situation? Because I’m stuck and feel very alone right now. I had hope after he rang, now I’m upset that I’ll have to do a wild goose chase again. Thank you for reading and listening to me mope, I hope your day is letting you cope, take care.


Although I’m certainly not excusing the physio’s behaviour - he sounds useless - I think it may be a bit optimistic to think a new pair of insoles is going to be the answer anyway - especially if you have now progressed to falling. So rather than pinning everything on this physio, and possibly obtaining a new pair of insoles, I think it might be wise to turn your attention to trying to get the neuro investigations speeded up.

I suggest involving the GP - are they aware that sitting, walking and stairs are ALL now a problem for you? They could maybe push for your neuro appointment to be brought forward (Why on earth haven’t they had the referral yet?), or at least for you to be borne in mind if there are any cancellations.

If you happen to be the same person who posted before, I’ll reiterate that I’m pretty sure exercise you did in March would NOT be the cause of neuro-type symptoms you’re still having now. Not unless you’d had some obvious injury you would no doubt be aware of. If you know you didn’t have any accident or injury whilst exercising, then I’m sure it must be coincidence. The exercise may have highlighted a problem, but not caused it. It seems clear from your account that you were having sporadic problems well before that.

See if the GP can pull some strings for you!



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