Phosphate levels - vitamin d - important!

Hi hope everyone is doing ok. Thought I would post this as it may be interesting to some of you. As some of you might remember I was on a 10,000iu a day of vitamin d3 and my level went to about 335 so they reduced my dose down to two 10,000iu a week. I was retested last week and my level has gone down to 150 so they’ve told me to take 3 tablets a week. However when the results for the vitamin d test came back it showed up a severely low level of phosphate in the blood and my gp contacted me straight away and they have given me a blood test form for a whole load of tests to find out why the phosphate level is so low. Apparently my phosphate levels have been low since around this time last year and none of the doctors had picked up on it and its now so severely low they are very concerned and immediate treatment may be necessary. Worth pointing out to any of you that are taking vitamin d tablets and get regular blood tests to check if they test your phosphate levels at the same time and if they do then is your level without acceptable range- low phosphate levels are associated with a few things- bones, liver and kidney but especially to vitamin d deficiency problems or absorption problems. Sorry for the long post but wanted to point out the importance of it to all that may be on vitamin d. Karina

Interesting, thanks.

I have no idea if I have had mine tested, despite all the vit D tests I’ve had in the past few months.

I’ll be asking as soon as I get the chance.

Karen x

I had no idea that they tested it either thought it was just vitamin d but every time a vitamin d test is done they also check phosphate and calcium levels and one other but can’t remember what I was - will check next week at the doctors

I think liver function - I know I just went and had my vit D retested and when I looked at the form I thought I only asked for vit D - that makes sense now though I’m not sure how liver functions related…?



I think it’s something to do with the storage as the liver stores vitamins such as b12 so I’m guessing that the liver also helps store vitamin d and helps with the absorption of it- that’s a guess on the vitamin d but I know that the liver definitely stores b12 as my liver doesn’t function properly and as a result my b12 level was really low before starting on monthly injections

Hi, I’ve just had a vitamin d test and my results were very low - 22 - been started on calcitriol and alphacalcitrol. I have phosphate levels checked regularly (along with others) as I have renal failure and high phosphate levels are dangerous (as are low levels ). I have to follow a low phosphate diet (reduce dairy products, nuts, shellfish, offal (!) amongst others) so perhaps the opposite for increasing your levels? “Phosphate results less than 0.8 - Suggests poor food intake. Sometimes occurs in kidney diseases and inherited conditions. Very low levels cause severe weakness and bone problems.” Info taken from a site I get my blood test results from, (renalpatient view) I’m sure the doctors will get you on the right treatment! Just yet another thing to have to think about, good eh?

I’m like a medical mystery at the moment because I’ve got loads of other things going on that they don’t seem to understand whats causing them. Apparently my levels are non existent - barely showing up on the scale at all- should get the results on Tuesday of the other load of blood tests they took yesterday to see if they can find out whats causing the level to be so low.