I have recently read in the ADVANCES magazine that Dr *** is targeting the nervous system with Phenytoin well I have MS and have been taking Phenytoin since I was 15 with just a couple of breaks from taking it,this year I will be 87 and I was told in the early 90s I had MS , the point I am trying to make is that it seems to have kept my epilepsy under control but has not done much for my MS, Regards Mr.A.W. ISLE OF WIGHT BRANCH


It’s always interesting to read comments from people who have tried a medication, so thanks for posting your experience, but sorry you found no benefit for your ms.

Pam x


Hi Mr A W and welcome to the gang!

We are always pleased to have a new member and hope you find the board useful. We are a friendly bunch with lots of advice, support and friendship.

Always good to hear about experiences of different drug treatments. It’s also great for people recently diagnosed to see people on here who have had MS for a long time and helps them realise it’s not the end of the world!

Best wishes and hope we see you again soon,

Pat xx


Thanks Pam and Pat it was nice to get your comments , Regards ALF


Hi and welcome Alf

Sorry that the drug was no help for your MS but glad it’s helped with your epilepsy, some of the stuff in the press is just nonsense!

Sonia x

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