'Phantom Relapse'

Dear All,

I have had MS for 10 years and have had lots of small relapses and have just worked through them but last year I was completely floored by what I believed was a major relapse. It had all the usually MS symptoms (too many to list, as you are all aware) and caused me to miss several months of work. It is the first time off work I have had due to MS. I have usually just carried on but was unable to on this occasion. I had an MRI scan when I had just got back to relative normality. I got the results yesterday and was informed that there was no recent MS activity and it was unchanged from the previous year. I was expecting fresh lesions due to my relapse. Even though I am pleased with my MRI result I am now concerned about what had floored me for 6 months. Does anyone have any ideas? I am now doubting if it was a relapse! I know MS works in mysterious ways!

Kindest Regards,


Hi Jon

MS is weird. And every individual has their own variety of weirdness.

Nothing further to add I’m afraid.