Relapse recovery lumpiness!

Had a relapse at the end of December peaking in early Jan. With my previous relapses I’ve had worsening symptoms that build over a week or so then die off quite progressively over the course of a few weeks.

This time though they peaked in the same way but the recovery has been progressive as a general trend but there have been lots of ups and downs i.e. fine one day, almost as bad as it’s worst the next. I’ve been off work and I’ve been avoiding stress and the other normal triggers.

Just wondering if this is “normal” or if anyone else has had a similar experience coming out of a relapse?

Hello @Noib
I had a particular heavy relapse in January 2023 and I’ve not returned to work since; I think you can guage the difference from a light relapse you can bounce back from --I have RRMS jsyk.
I believe disease progression has taken the dip now, I suppose after a good 24 years run and it may be time to just accept it’s no longer in a state of plateau --I’m 42 years btw.
I would say corona virus has certainly exacerbated the multiple sclerosis plus my other ailments, the last year and in 2022.

Hi i have limp ness in my arm and leg like a paroxysmal symptoms all day when ever i try and do anything . Anbody have this happen to them and any advice as most things trigger this for me its like a broken record for me atm im new diagnoses of ms think im going to ring the neurologist. But any help would be good