Pfizer Pregablin

Hello am new to the society, is anyone else having problems with the Doctors prescribing Pfizer pregablin have been taking it for 12 years now they keep changing me to cheaper generic versions which don’t work for my TN or neuropathic pain, been told it’s to save money, am very distressed by it all.

It’s one of these areas where clinicians and patients tend to have different opinions. The clinician will swear up down and across that the active ingredient is exactly the same in the generic version as the rip-off branded one, but it doesn’t feel that way to us, does it? I never felt my modafinil worked as well once they stopped prescribing the branded Provigil and only issued the generic one. Now, that could have been my imagination, but your TN is another matter, and I hate to think of you finding that your pain is less well controlled with the generic version of the drug. All I can suggest is, make your pitch for personal prescribing of the drug that works for you. All GP practices have HQ bean-counters breathing down their necks mercilessly and constraining their decision-making (or ‘helping to save the tax-payer money’ if you prefer) so you may not get anywhere, but it has to be worth a try.

its down to cost. Pfizer is expensive, my daughter was hooked on Lyrica turned her into a basket case, so when the GP suddenly didnt do her script she was forced off it. She said the best thing she did.

This may explain it.

Pregabalin (Lyrica) – Licensing differences bewteen Lyrica and Generic

January 29, 2015

Pregabalin (Lyrica) patent is changing and generic pregabalin is becoming available. The NPA have issued advice (shown below) regarding the licencing of the products.

The NPA have also informed us that are also in the process of discussing this issue with the MHRA and Pfizer.

You can read it here. Pregabalin (Lyrica) – Licensing differences bewteen Lyrica and Generic : Sunderland LPC

Thank you for input but have now found bma-prescribing-in-general-practice-april-2018.pdf basically says Drs have to do what’s in the best interest of the patient.
It all did change after 2015 after the supreme court judgement.
Yes Alison I was going to push the TN part, they are still prescribing the real one at the moment & I will definitely have a case in the future,
Thank you