Petition to protect human rights of sick & disabled... please sign.

This petition from Azaaz asks Amnesty International to forfill its remit to challenge the British government in a court of law to ensure the protection of the human rights of the sick and disabled:

Please sign & share on Facebook & Twitter,

Pat x


Done it.


I’m in.

Hi Pat


Mary :wink:

Love you guys!

Keep it going peeps & post that you’ve signed so we can keep on front page for a while.

United we stand!

Pat x

-have signed, hope lots of others do too, after all we have nothing to lose, except our welbeing.



Hi, Done ! X


Signed. Thanks Pat. :slight_smile: xx

Done x

Done & shared on twitter & f/b x

Done :slight_smile:

done n shared on facebook


signed!!! hope it all goes well

Signed and shared on face book.

got friends who shared it on facebook aswell, so im hoping there friends will share it aswell, ill try n get it around facebook as much as i can to help

Signed and shared on FB :slight_smile:

I have wondered why the human rights act doesn’t help us disabled. Thank you Pat, signed .

Wendy x