periventricular and juxtacortical lesions

was diagnosed in december and even though i know it was all explained to me then, and again by my nurse later, ive kind of forgotten what these lesions really mean, or at least, what they mean when you actually have them, rather than the clinical discription, if you get me?
from what ive found through good old google, I've become thouroughly confused, and ironically keep seeing things like "memory loss" and "slowing down intelligence" and "inbalance". Not sure whether to be offended or not, haha. 
Just thought i'd post on here before getting in contact with anyone in case anyone else has had the same trouble / a simple definition or more specifically what the effects of these particular lesions are. 

Han xx

Hi Han, and welcome :slight_smile:

Tbh, the general type of lesion is less important than where they are. The cortex is huge: encoding, processing, planning and triggering everything you do and juxtacortical doesn’t mean a lot other than the lesion is next to somewhere in the cortex. If it’s in the right half of the brain, next to the motor cortex for example, then you might be having problems doing things with your left side, but if it was just slightly further back it might be sensory perception on your left side that was wonky. Periventricular is similar - what symptoms happen depends on what the (precise) location is.

Ultimately, your lesions do whatever your symptoms are. It’s honestly not worth worrying about. (Although I can understand the curiosity :-))

Karen x