Pension and Esa support?

Does anyone know…If I have got ill health retirement with pension, will I still get my ESA support group too? Thank you xx

I’d like to know the answer too…because my sister-in- law, who works for the DWP says that I won’t be entitled to ESA once I get a pension and yet I’ve read that you are entitled to it, albeit, reduced payments in accordance with the amount of pension you get. Xx

i received my first private pension at 50 the small amount i get takes me out of the scope never mind hubby’s wages, I would get it in name but no money

I heard that too Mrs H, about the reduced payment, would like to know for sure xx

I’m in the support group and receive contribution based ESA. I also receive a teachers pension of around £14000. They reduce the amount of ESA by 50p for every £1 you receive in pension over £85 a week. Mine works out at about £15 a week.

Obviously it is different for the means tested type of ESA but this is how it works for contribution based. If in the WRAG it would only last for a year but there is no time limit for the support gtoup

Sarah x

Thanks, Sarah. That’s what I thought. I’m in the support group on contribution based too as still on half pay…just…one month left. Xx

Thanks Sarah xx

That’s clear, thanks Sarah.

Mrs H, I was dismissed on ill health grounds Tier1 on 19th June, even though my half pay wasn’t due to end till August, Friday I got 12 weeks notice pay non taxable?? So just wait for pensions to get in touch now. I think my employers and occi health are being really good to me (or they want rid quick ha) meaning they are sorting it all out, so as there is no month I’m without money, maybe?

I only joined the pension in 2010, on advice from my line manager, to which I am very grateful to her now

Will get all this sorted, then the blooming forms will come for PIP!!

Have a great weekend everyone xx

Hi, I am on a small works pension…about £50 a week and I get contribution related ESA, support group, with no reduction as my pension is below £85 a week.

Hope this helps.


Sarah has it exactly right. Contribution based ESA reduces by 50p in the £ (Over £85.00 p/w) If you are on means tested ESA your pension becomes an income that is added to other money coming into the household and may well take you above the amount the government (in their infinite wisdom) say you need to live on and you would get nothing – like trish44


Thanks Poll xxx