I have long proclaimed my penchant for eating gluten free. It is sometimes a bit laughed at, as quirky as I am perhaps?

I was invited to dinner one night to a friend’s abode. I made it clear that I ate gluten free but they obviously thought this only meant bread, cake and other obvious things.

So, I was served with pasta! The keen gluten free boffs here will know it is a no-no, but after weighing it up I ate some - my host had gone to so much trouble and ‘once will do no harm’ I thought.

Next day I thought I was going to die. My stomach felt over heavy and I was out of synch more than usual, vision problems, co-ordination issues, and general lethargy.

The good news (for me anyway) is that I didn’t die. But glutenous pasta will not pass mine lips again.

It’s back to gluten free everything, and I will not be persuaded otherwise.



I tried gluten free for 6 weeks. But i found no benefit to the diet. The things we do to keep in shape.

I wonder if being gluten free for a while made the effects of gluten worse to you?

Any way im sticking with gluten in my diet… and i too will not be persuaded otherwise


Hi, what a shame the after effects of a nice evening, with friends, made you feel so bad.

if you get invited again, you`re gonna have to tell the host exactly what you can and cant eat.

it`s a chuff, innit?

luv Pollx

I think you have to be gluten free for at least six months before you notice much difference. My sister has just been advised to go gluten free to help PMS and the nutritionist said that she would have to be patient. I think a lot of people notice quite quickly that their stomach is flatter and not so bloated. The thing that concerns me is how much more gluten free products cost. This would be an issue for me as I have a large family and my grocery bill is already fairly hefty! Teresa xx

I have been gluten free for about 2 years as was suffering with stomach problems and my gp made me keep a food diary and we deduced that it was a wheat intolerance. The gluten free foods are very expensive but worth not feeling awful after every meal! I have found that I am eating much more healthily but it is often very difficult when eating out as even though something may not contain gluten it may be cooked with items that do or within a fryer etc that other foods have been cooked in and therefore are cross contaminated, it is always best to ask when ordering. It has been hard or friends and family to understand and I visited my mum once for her to tell me that she had got me in a nice seeded loaf, is it gluten free I asked, errr it’s a seeded loaf was the reply!! Couldn’t eat it, I always now take my own food and especially on holiday!

Hi everyone i am new to this so please bear with me lol…

I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease in August 2012 and this means I am now on a Gluten n Wheat free diet. I am finding it very hard to cope with as I find the diet very restricted and can often miss out on outings with friends as I wouldnt be able to eat Gluten free. I find that alot of people dont really understand what Gluten is and I would be the same had I not been diagnosed with Coeliac disease. I have been naughty on a few occassions and eaten wot I shudnt and had some bad side affects such as bloating etc but the last side affect of a VERY bad couple of days of the runs has made my mind up that its just not wortth it. Not good though when i keep dreaming about drinking a nice cold pint of lager lol.

Alittle bit bout me I am 31 and was diagnosed with MS in march 2012 after lots of tests, this has been a big life changing event for me as I was once a fit and outgoing person, but since my MS symptoms started I feel I am a different person.

I wonder if anyone else who has MS has also been diagnosed with Coeliac disease?

Thanks Jilly x

I don’t have coeliac disease myself but both my brothers do - it’s very hard to plan a meal when they come round gluten/wheat is in so many things when you start reading the labels.

Hi Mark,

I love gluten free pasta, but I’m disapointed with gluten free bread. I’ve baked some myself but its very heavy on the stomach. Do you know where to buy some tasty bread?


Hi Jilly,

I’ve got MS and my younger sister has coeliac disease.


Coeliac is another auto-immune disease as is ms. So a high level of vitd3 is good way of improving things. You can eat rice - and use cornflour for batters and thickening sauces/gravies.

Just been putting a new sack of dog food into the storage bin. My dogs are fed better then l am. Duck and Rice - gluten free/wheat free soya free/ hypoallegenic. Contains omega3/glucosamine/vitd /msm and many more supplements that l add to my daily diet.

Duck n Rice dog food - anyone!!

Hi Ursie

The new Genius seeded loaf is really nice, and the M&S gf brown seeded loaf is equally as good, and similarly priced.

Common garden gluten free loaves from supermarkets are like bricks, but Sainsbury do a soft gluten free loaf which is nice. The Genius and M&S are my favourites still.

Occasionally I make my own. If I add a teaspoon of xanthan gum it is much softer.

The best of the lot - homemade freshbaked but only when it is new and warm. It becomes heavier and unpalatable when cool.

I hope this helps


Thanks Mark, will do a shop in M&S, can’t wait to try them