Party Piece

We all have one, even more perhaps. My party pieces were being able to do The Twist, and get down low and stay low, before rising back upright whilst all the while doing a fabulous, energetic Twist. If feeling high spirited enough and had a Guinness or two, I could give an Irish dance performance. Not to Michael Flatly standard by any means, but pretty good for someone who hadn’t had lessons. Ms has taken that away from me now of course. I can’t even walk now. However, I can still sing! When the mood takes me, boy can I belt it out! No social life to speak of anymore, but at family gatherings, weddings or christenings I’m still called upon to have a go. My voice suits ballads and traditional Irish songs. My Party Pieces are a rousing version of The Fields of Athenry, Raglan Road and Rare Auld Times. I’ve known people shed a tear to my version of Me and Bobby Magee. I would hope they’re tears of emotions, and not of pain! So people, who on here has a Party Piece to share?

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When I was five stone lighter (and a few years younger) I could do a Cossack dance. Anton Antonovich

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I’ve done the odd spot of singing here and there, mainly at family weddings and parties. Mainly late on when people are so tipsy they sing or hum along and don’t seem to notice the bum notes. I play the acoustic guitar, but definitely not in public, but a few of my mates are very good players. It’s mainly Scottish and folky stuff - Wild Mountain Thyme; Leezy Lindsay; Leaving of Nancy (Eric Bogle); This Love Will Carry (Dougie MacLean); Martha (Tom Waits) etc. If you need someone to empty a venue, I’m your man. Derek


I not only have no party ‘piece’, I have no party skills, or party political preferences or in fact party line (only people of a certain age will get that). And I don’t tend to get invited to parties either. Those few I do, I soon discover aren’t accessible. So my lack of social graces doesn’t matter.


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Poppy, wish you could post a recording of your singing, bet it would be amazing. AD, would love to see a video of you Cossack dancing.

I’ve only one (sort of) party piece … playing Mungo Jerry’s “In The Summertime” using an empty bottle of Jameson’s as the ‘musical’ instrument.

One party piece that no male I’ve ever met can do is to stand on one leg, bend over and pick up an empty coke bottle just using the mouth. Definitely not doing it now though!!


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I recently won a Disco Dancing Competition.

I only walked across the dance floor to the bar to buy a drink.

See the source image

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Aw Sue! If I had a party, I’d invite you. My husband was the life and soul of any party we’d ever been too. He takes immense delight in telling tall stories in the most believable manner. To date he has been a stripper on the hen parties on the pleasure boats on the Thames, a Paramedic, had a son aged 42…when he himself was,at the time 44! The lady who was told this to was so inebriated, she didn’t get it!

Hehe. I’m loving this folks.

Ah yes. Wild Mountain Thyme, another one I love.

Poppy, you started the brilliant thread - thank you!!

Tippy x

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Tippy, I hope it wasn’t you emptying the bottle that led to the singing. …?! I bought that record from my earnings from my summary job. It was “stolen” from me by one of the lads on our road. My first love actually. Oh the memories of that summer, even all these years later. See where my ramblings take me? I’m exactly the same when conversing in real life! !!!

My ‘party piece’ was doing Tarot Card readings - I didn’t do it for long because people took what I said very seriously and I had a problem with what to say when the ‘bad’ cards were turned over.

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I was on the ferry between Guernsey and Jersey and a woman sitting opposite was feeling seasick. I told her that the cure was to massage one’s own earlobes.

What with my demonstrations and her trying to follow the instructions, by the time we got into port she’d completely forgotten that she had been feeling ill.

Dr Durer

Well Dr Durer I have an ear based conundrum … I can move my ear without touching it !! I can make it go up and down genuinely. My conundrum is that this party piece is restricted to my right ear only !! Bizarrely I have two different ears, one looks like my moms ears and the other like my dads, now my mom cannot move her ears at all whereas my dad can and guess what … That s the ear I can move!!! I await your thoughts … xx

I am lost in admiration and bafflement at this wondrous new contribution to the world of light entertainment. Are you available for a private function this weekend?

I am wondering whether there’s a difference as to which ear might cause a persons nausea to stop?

Mums ear double or Dads?


My/our party piece is playing my electric guitar with my nephew, I don’t think you won’t guess the preferred genre, but rather than pish the neighbours off, they are invited, always. Pretty much the whole Avenue tbh, we have amps. We are banning any song by G&R though, as from today. I can drink a litre bottle of Gin in less than 2 hours as well, probably an hour & a half if I’m being totally truthful…

Is that at the same time as playing the guitar?

I can usually be found in the kitchen doing the washing up

I have a straw, a long 1.