Partners parents disapprove of relationship because of my MS

Hi guys,

I have RRMS and was diagnosed a few years ago. I started seeing someone and was honest with him about my MS from the start. He had no reservations towards it, and explained that he has some family members with MS too. More recently he wanted to introduce me to his family and spoke to them about me having MS. They are not happy and are advising him against being with me because of my condition and how it could effect him down the line because of their negative experience with their family members. Note, they have never met me or spoken to me before. I know it’s completely out of my hand, I don’t know what to do? Any advice would be much appreciated

I think that what you should do is nothing. Of course they are warning the person they love: protecting the people they love is what families do. If they’re worried that he doesn’t know what he’s getting into, they’ll want to make sure his eyes are open. Don’t take it personally; as you say, it’s really nothing to do with you personally, as they haven’t even met you. Just bide your time. He’s a big boy, and he’ll make up his own mind. But please try not to be cross with the family who are just looking out for his interests.

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Alison’s answer is right on the mark. It’s not personal, they’re protecting him due to their own experience with MS.

Try to work it out with your partner. If he really wants to be with you, he will be. If he can’t go against the family advice, then you might have to live with it.

It is a big thing to be with someone who has MS. It’s so random and unpredictable, the future is uncertain. I understand both your perspective and that of your boyfriends family.


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