Parent of teen with MS

Hi I’m a mum of a 15 year old girl who was diagnosed in January. Are there any other parents of youngsters out there? There is very little support due to lots of red tape. Thought we could support each other.

Hello KK1, I’m sorry to hear about you and your daughter’s situation. Here’s something that I heard out about a short while ago and I hope it could be the start of something positive for you both.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

i’ve heard that the shift ms site has a lot of youngsters on.

may be worth a try.

i’ve said it many times before and no doubt will say it many times more - ms is an utter bitch!

was very restrained then because i could have added a torrent of obscenities!

i’d have thought that the ms nurses would put families in touch with each other.

best support in the world is from people going through what you are.

be strong for your girl and also for yourself.

carole x