Pancake Tuesday

It’s Pancake Tuesday.

What do you like on yours ?
Lemon & sugar or
Mapleleaf syrup ?

Whats your topping


Mines maple syrup and squirty cream,every time.

Happy pancake day everyone.

jaki xx


We’re having sweet pancakes…with raspberries and forest fruit filling with icecream and chocolate sauce…Happy Pancake Day!

I dont eat them but son does and he likes sugar on them - yuk.

Happy Shrove Tuesday to all pancake tossers (and those who cannot).




on ‘Fat Tuesday’…

It has to be maple syrup…mmmmmmm.


My 3rd son Harry, loves cooking and has made us delicious American -style pancakes. I had mine with syrup and lemon. Yum! Teresa xx

WOOOOT totally forgot it was pancake Tuesday. HORAY. I love pancakes and am always trying to convince my family to eat them with me. hahahahah. Now they cannot hide.

Lemon and sugar, but we’re also making American style pancakes,so it has to be maple syrup on them.We like pancakes,xxjo

It has to be lemon and sugar for me too. My son likes gravy on his!!


If this were France, the two traditional alternatives for a crepe would be butter or butter/sugar.

We had butter with ginger preserve.


My choice would be syrup with ice-cream, yummy!!