Pain in fingers

hi does anyone have pains that feel like something is been pushed into your fingers ??

hi cw47

not had same pain in same way as you’ve described, but i have had a very localised pain in first two fingers of right hand, and had inability to use rh effectively, as well as poor dexterity in same hand. bit of a bastard as i’m a musician as well.

puzzling at best… mmm. hope this is of some help. cheers fluffyollie xx

Everyone’s pain with MS tends to be different - not only because where the pain is felt depends on the location of damage in the CNS - which is different for each person - but also because everyone has different ways of both experiencing and describing pain. So if I get a pain, it may not be in my fingers, and/or I may not describe it as “like something being pushed in”, because it doesn’t feel that way to me.

Just because nobody reports the exact same thing doesn’t mean you’re wrong, or imagining things - or indeed that it’s not caused by your MS.

It’s a very personal illness, and exactly where and how you experience pain will be very personal too.

Random and often rather peculiar pains (peculiar in the sense healthy people don’t usually get that kind of pain) go with the territory, but everyone will have their own experience - it won’t always be fingers, or whatever.