Overthinking how my neurology telephone appointment went

Hi everyone,
I get so nervous at appointments and wonder if anyone else has come away from appointments feeling like they didn’t explain themselves properly? I’m a week on from my first neurology telephone appointment (I presume still due to Covid) and still annoyed at myself and keep overthinking the things I should have mentioned. I also didn’t ask all the questions I wanted (despite having them written down!) as I felt rushed off the phone.
I am being referred for a brain MRI as neuro can’t rule out MS, but he thinks it’s very unlikely and mostly explained things as related to my migraines. I will only get another appointment if the MRI shows abnormalities so won’t get a chance to ask more questions.
I know I’m getting ahead of myself and should take things one step at a time, but I’m more annoyed at myself than anything else for not making the most of my appointment and needed a little vent so thank you for listening!

It’s OK, you’ve got your MRI referral, and that’s the main thing. Of course it is also important to establish the therapeutic alliance with your HCP, but good luck doing that over the phone - it’s close to impossible, and it’s hard enough to have a decent teleconsult with someone you’ve been seeing for years, let alone a stranger. And TBH neurologists as a breed are not in general famous for their bedside manner in he best of times, and these are not the best of times. (There are many exceptions of course.) So don’t worry. You did what you could do, and that enough.


Thank you Alison. That does make me feel better. I think I just needed to hear some common sense from someone who’s been to a neurology appointment and understands how stressful they can be! I was literally prepped, symptoms list ready, questions list ready…phone rang, nerves kicked in and the next 20 minutes were a blur…
Is a referral for an MRI not a given then? I maybe did a bit better at explaining my symptoms than I thought then. Here’s hoping the wait isn’t too long. Thanks again for your reassurance.

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Hi Maisie!
Reading your post is like reading about how I still feel after my appointment yesterday with neurology. I can relate 100% to feeling like you’ve not said everything you needed to, even with the notes and preparation - I did the same thing! After I’d spoken with the consultant I just felt angry with myself, and I could tell by the Dr’s response that I didn’t get across how debilitating the symptoms I am experiencing are. Like my mind just went blank, anxiety kicked in and I forgot to use my notes that I spent ages writing up!

Similarly to you, I’ve been referred for an MRI looking for MS, but I also suffer with migraines so that’s another possible diagnosis. To my surprise I was also told that if nothing shows up on the MRI that I will just hear via a letter with no follow up… so will be left with no investigation into my symptoms. The whole process for me just felt a bit disappointing but I just think at least I was taken seriously enough for things to be investigated further with an MRI.

It all feels really frustrating and a long process trying to find answers, but I can tell you for sure that you are not on your own with how you feel after the appointment.

Hopefully neither of us will have to wait too long for the MRI appointment!

Thank you for replying and letting me know it’s not just me! I’m sorry you went through the same. Disappointing sums it up well, but I do realise now that getting an MRI means we’re at least not being dismissed without investigation, so that’s reassuring.
The no follow up is what surprised me as well. I’m always thinking ‘what if…’, so would have liked the opportunity to ask questions. But I’m getting ahead of myself again… First step is that scan so fingers crossed our wait isn’t too long.

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