over thinking again ???

Hi all, This may be the same for all but i find myself overthinking everything i do instead of letting

the body just do what it’s learnt to do from an early age it simply does not need me to think out every little

movement . I really got to clear my mind of motor functions and just stand up and walk the body doesn’t need

constant mental reminders to move. Ok there are days when the legs may not move? but face it when this happens

surely not everyday {left leg forward right leg bend and so on} I’ve got to have more self belief ? where has the self

confidence gone?

Is this the same for all with a disability because i have to admit there are days when i feel it is not that i can’t do

something it is i can’t get motivated to do it? this can’t be right? how can i over come this?


i once said, soon after my diagnosis that i was dying. family took great offence so i never said anything like it again. however ten years on, i totally understand those words. it’s like bits of me die. so i can’t be expected surely to do everything that i used to do. i am NOT depressed but there are a lot of brutal facts about having ms. i know what you mean about telling your legs what to do. i used to do that myself. now i grumble at them and say “if you think you are going on strike today, you what you can do - fudge right off!” living with ms requires a lot of forward planning. just popping out for a loaf of bread needs me to plan where the toilets are, for example. i have a lot of social events in the next 2 weeks. i’m looking forward to them, but with a certain amount of dread as well. fatigue management strategies may help to a certain extent. however what happened to spontaneity? i miss that aspect. to answer your question Sied, decide what you are going to do. then ask yourself, is it something i must do? need to do or want to do. of course the MUST dos are important but make sure that you allow yourself to do what you WANT to do as well do things that make you smile.

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Living with MS brings uncertainty but living brings uncertainty full stop and the old cliche goes - there’s always someone worse off - listening to Jeremy Vine on R2 the other day about motor neurone disease and its mostly devastating effects made be thankful of the bits of me that still work…

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