Ou est mon lapin?

Hello everyone and I hope that your MS is as good as possible. I am just writing to ask where my avatar has disappeared to and I have seen a few other postings where the same has happened to theirs too. I haven’t been on the forum regularly for some time so I may have missed something?!


When the forum was updated everyone’s avatar disappeared. You have to upload it again. Unfortunately I didn’t have a copy of my game dame on the scooter with her little dog so it is lost forever! When I find another pic I like I will adopt it (I don’t think the world needs to see my actual face, kudos to those who post photos but it’s not for me)


Hello Jane,

Thank you for giving me this information. I think that I will ask my sister to put in a new avatar for me as she is much more Internet savy than I am. It is a shame that you have lost your roadster symbol.