Where has my Avatar gone?

I’ve just noticed my Avatar has gone…any ideas I quite liked my Christmas Tree

Jan x

Jan, I’ve noticed mine disappeared as well, when I log out and log back in again all the info off my profile disappears, this has happened on several occasions today!! Gremlins in the system again?

Sorry it’s happened to you Cherrylips but pleased I’m not the only one Not sure I can be bothered to put mine right just yet. It’s a shame for everyone on the Avatar challenge though

Jan x

It stays if you stay logged on, so might do that, have no idea or knowledge to do with Putting it right permanently. Will fill in my profile page again and leave myself Logged on.

Hi all,

We did notice some avatars had gone astray last Friday and reported it to the developers, unfortunately there’s quite a lot of other bits of site maintenance for them to fit in these last few days before Christmas, so I’m not sure they’ll have time to look at this until next year. Such a shame we love your Christmas avatars!


Steph (admin)

Steph, my avatar just disappeared yesterday, had no problems till then. We know you try your best, hope you and everyone in admin have a lovely Christmas x

Hi again,

I’m sure the sporadic disappearing of avatars happened before. So hopefully they’ll be able to fix it quite quickly when they have a moment. I seem to have an avatar - I have no idea why, it wasn’t intentional I promise! It’s not even festive. How embarrassing.

Steph (admin)

Don’t worry, not your fault x

Don’t know if this helps, but I have noticed polar bears avatar has just disappeared this morning, However, its still on her personal messages to me. Perhaps they’ve gone to the same place socks go to when they go missing in the wash and where pens go to at work!!!

I have just uploaded another avatar. It did prompt me to put in my date of birth again, so give it a try.


Hi all,

I believe re-uploading/re-doing your profile page will make your avatar appear, but it is likely to disappear again - just wanted to warn you so you didn’t spend too much time on it. This is one of those annoying ones where the problem is intermittent. It also makes it more difficult fix. Sorry we haven’t been able to sort this for you. Let’s hope 2015 sees less forum issues.

Many thanks,

Steph (admin)


Ok Steph, thank you.

I only went away for two days and look what happens. I told those naughty elves to behave themselves


Think I’ve worked it out, can’t do anything about it though, re did my profile last time I logged in (as it had disappeared again), I’ve just had a look on forum without logging in, my avatar was still there, when I logged in it wiped my profile and avatar. Its all far to technical for my poor brain.

I’ll wait for the New Year before I try to redo mine, I keep going in and out of double vision so it’s a bit of a strain just to be here. The Avatar challenge went well regardless of the recent hiccups.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Jan x

Mine disappeared too. I managed to get it back after logging in a few times.

Shazzie xx

I have a habit of never logging out of the forums.

This morning, I am not logged in (happens every few weeks) so I go to log in.
My password is not accepted, so I have to jump through the hoops and get a reset. This time, I write it down!
On the way through (as it were) I notice that my avatar has gone walkabout.

So, like others above:

  • Log out and lose your avatar.
  • Get logged out by the system, and you also lose your avatar.

But, still on the way through, the system will not let me save my avatar without my entering my gender into my personal profile. And, while doing this, I decide to fill in a little of the form (seeing that my personal stuff has gone walkabout with my avatar) and note something very odd indeed:

The question “When were you diagnosed with MS” has a drop-down menu for the answer.
The available choices are between 1900 and 2000.

  • So I cannot answer the question,
  • I doubt if there is anyone alive who had a Dx before 1930, and very few with a Dx before 1950.
  • I bet there are one heck of a lot who were Dxed after 2000.

Quite a lot of us “lost” all our personal information when the forum was changed nearly four years ago.
Quite a lot more of us “lost” all our personal information when the forum was changed again more recently (or when being logged out).

So, “Admin”, did anyone actually check through all the changes before those changes were implemented? Or, is it the case that the existing members are being used as beta testers?