OSP AND SSP confused :/

I wonder if anyone can help. Confused.com. I have been off work for 6 months, my employer pays me occupational sick pay, so now I’ll be going half pay, but does statory sick pay kick in, as well as my half pay, so basically I’m still getting my wage? Thank you x

Hi Shellie I’m in the same position as you and really not sure either…I think you’re employers obligation to pay SSP ends after 6 months so that you are only getting half of your pay. You need to get an SSP1 declaration from your payroll department and a current sick note from your GP. You can then ring the ESA line and ask to claim “contribution based employment support allowance” which you are entitled to for up to 365 days. They will take the claim over the phone…it’s very straightforward so don’t worry…they will then send you two letter…one telling you, that because its contribution based, you are entitled to about £75 a week and you will need to send them the aforementioned documents with a copy of your last two months payslips. The second letter contains a medical form which you need to carefully complete based on your worst days. This can give you an extra £30 ish a week. Xx

Thank you MrsH, it’s so confusing, when your brain is already frazzled! I went off sick September, so I’m thinking tomorrows pay day will be less? I have had no correspondance from my employer, nothing! I thought he was supposed to give/send the relevant forms to me, but I’ll do as you say, phone payroll xx

Mrs H, would I still qualify, being that my husband works? Xx

So did I !! My half pay starts in March’s payslip though because my employers have very kindly converted all of my leave into paid leave. The ESA number is 08000856318. You only need the documents specified above plus details of any overnight hospital stays in the last 6 months, your employers details (address, payroll number etc, I had a payslip to hand), your GP and consultants details (address and phone numbers) and your bank details, so that they can pay the money in !! Don’t forget to specify contribution based. You can’t ring until you’ve got that SSP1 and sick note from GP as they need the details from them. But you can make a claim up to five weeks prior to half pay starting. Hope this helps…I only did it two weeks ago so it’s all fresh in my mind, so if I can help anymore, please shout. Xx

Sorry Shellie, I was busy typing the last reply. Yes you absolutely can claim because it is contribution based. It’s not means tested so they don’t need any details of income and outgoings. My husband earns a very good wage but as I say it’s not means tested…it’s based on your records of being employed and paying contributions…hence why you must specify, contribution based ESA. XX

Great, that takes a weight off, Phew!! I tried reading up on it, but after reading a few paragraphs, I’ve forgotton what I’m reading about hehe xx