Ordering ibuprofen on line

Hi, my leg has been a bit sore recently, so I have been taking ibuprofen before going to bed cos the soreness only happens when I lie down. When I shop on line with tesco it will only let me click into my basket 2 packets of ibuprofen (that is 2 packets of 16 200mg tablet) so I get 32 tablets and can’t order any more, I know I could go and buy them by my walking is very poor. Anyway last time I ordered from tesco I had a bright idea (well I thought it was anyway, lol) so I clicked 2 packets of the usual brand into my basket and then I clicked another 2 packs of a different brand into my basket and they were all delivered so now I have 64 200mg ibuprofen. Hope my leg isn’t that sore but at least I am prepared. Cheryl:)


Thanks for the tip, Cheryl.

I wonder if it works at Boots? I suspect not, because all their online orders containing pharmacy items have to be reviewed (supposedly) by a pharmacist.

Getting round the quantity limits by choosing two different brands sounds a bit too transparent, and surely would be detected during the review?

I really am fed up with the nannying laws around painkillers, and the inquisition every time you try to buy any. I won’t even mention that I have MS, or am taking any other medication, now, because it sends the assistant scurrying off to the pharmacist in a panic, to check if it’s OK, and I end up standing there an extra ten minutes, holding up everyone in the queue behind me.

I know that what I really need to do is go back to the doctor and get my prescription changed to ibuprofen. It was she who suggested I should switch, after co-codamol - my most trusted and effective painkiller - frustratingly began making me feel sick.

But although I took her advice, I still haven’t got my prescription officially changed, which means I’m back to buying small packets, and fibbing that I don’t have any medical conditions, and am not on any other drugs.

Honestly, I feel like a junkie, brazenly lying to get my fix.

At least I haven’t resorted to shoplifting them yet (Joke! - but there is an incentive to do it, because they make it such a hassle).

Bit off topic, but I’ve recently tried Nuromol, which are paracetamol and ibuprofen together. I know you can buy them separately and mix and match anyway (paracetamol and ibuprofen are quite OK together), but it’s convenient to have them in a combined pill. My doc has always said combined pain meds tend to work better than one alone.

This combination seems to be quite a new thing, surprisingly, to the extent Boots don’t yet have an own brand equivalent, so I have to pay for the expensive branded ones. Not sure whether they’d be available on 'scrip, for the same reason. I suspect my doc would just write me a prescription for ibuprofen, and one for paracetamol, and say to take both. Same end result, but not as handy.



l buy lbuprofen from our local pharmacy [joined to the doctors] l get a box of 96 max strength called Cuprofen costs £7.79 and at the same time l get paracetamol 500mg 64capsules. They do work well together - and if l asked my GP - l am sure l could get them free on prescription. l get codiene on prescription. At least at this pharmacy you do not get the ‘inquisition’ that you get in Tescos. They do ask if you have taken them before - and l know when my GP prescribed a lbuprofen gel for my dodgy knees - l was told l could not take lbuprofen pills at the same time as using the gel. Which surprised me. The pharmacy’s own brand type are always cheaper then well known brands.


Hi again ladies, no Tina I don’t think it will work at Boots, not with the problems you have with Boots anyway, I agree with you about it being like an inquisition when you buy something like that. In the past I also didn’t mention ms but nowadays I walk so bad that it is hard not to mention. I often get my mum to go for me and she just says I have no medical condition. Tina, that is interesting about the nuromol and Frances about the cuprofen. I might try both of these (not at the same time). My leg has been better the last few nights so hopefully past the worst for the moment. Cheryl:)