oral steroids?


can you tell me the names of the steroids that we would be given when we are in a relapse? i want to ‘research’ them and try and find out if they are the ones that body builders use. i dont want to be using those kinds as i heard loads of bad press about them but i do not know of any other kind of steroids.



I have been prescribed methylprednisolone both orally and by IV which according the the MS Trust website is a synthetic steroid. Don’t know if that helps.


Given they would have to be prescibed by your GP I think you would have to be guided by them.

I got prescribed methylprednisolone and took my first lot this afternoon when I got back from the hospital. They seem to have started working already. The only downside I’ve had to them is that they knocked me out of about an hour this afternoon, and the lingering taste it’s left. I got told that they may leave a metalic taste, but this seems more rancid than that. The only way I can desribe it is the aftertaste of when you’ve been sick, but nothing seems to shift it (TMI I know). I’ve tried eating something, drinking something, chewing gum, but the taste came back in about half an hour.