optometrist suspects MS

hi there! My eye sight is forever changing I can have one prescription in morning, another in afternoon and completely different the following week sometimes I wake up blind, sometimes I get double vision. I had optic neuritis when I was 19-20 ish and spent 2 weeks in hospital with black & white vision which was just bizarre.

Recently I ended up in the stroke clinic because my entire left side went weak and my horizon shifted and I went dizzy. Had an MRI which was about 30 minutes and apparently that was normal but I’m not sure if that means normal in terms of stroke/brain tumour etc or normal as in absolutely no neurological condition at all. The stroke Dr said I should still see neurology because they can do better tests or something. Can they do longer scans to look more deeply or is 30 mins about standard?

Optometrist says most of my eye sight issues are neurological because nothing wrong with my eyeballs themselves to cause the symptoms especially the sporadic blindness (completely blurred vision not blackness) she says it sounds very much like MS to her so she’s writing to my GP to get a referral to neurology.

I get weird sensations in my skin like a pack of spiders tap dancing on me, my coordination is shot, some days I walk like a toddler taking their first steps.

I really hope it isnt MS but I hope you dont mind my post here because I really need to talk to people who’ve been through this weird limbo like situation of not really knowing what on earth is going on. Thank you!!

Hi, you’ve got a good optometrist there!

It could MS…but it could also be a number if other things.

Try to sit tight and wait for that referral.

If I were you, I’d ring the gp surgery and ask if the referral has been sent yet.


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Poll is right, your MRI is so important; being your moving between different specialists it’s easy to lose , I suggest you buy a copy of it; cost about £10 then your new Neuro will have something to compare.

A 30 minute MRI sounds like a brain and cervical spine one; 45 mins or longer is usually all spine and brain.

You don’t want to go into the technicalities at the mo; just concentrate on seeing what you have.

Good luck