Optical neuritis, How many of you recovered from the sight Lost?

Hello everybody,

I have lost partial vision of my left eye last year, I was wondering if there is still a possibility to recover or not.

do you know anyone that has recovered after such a long period of time?

Thank you very much

Hi, sight loss in one eye due to optic neuritis was my first recognised symptom over thirty years ago. I first lost colour vision then almost all sight in that eye. The eye hospital in London told me it would come back over the following six weeks although not completely and they were right. I got signed off work for six weeks and rested. I was able to drive again after another couple of weeks.

However… I noticed over the following months and even years that it varied. If I was tired or had anything else wrong, or my MS was playing up, my sight in that eye would be affected. It never came back as good as it was before but maybe about 95% which is good enough. It’s not an exact recovery, it varies as do other bits affected by MS relapses. And it makes having an eye test interesting as it’s so difficult to explain to the optician what I am seeing!

Anyway, it never happened again although I have had double vision occasionally which cleared up quickly.

Hope that helps and you feel better soon.


I had optic neuritis in 2008. In a few days I lost most of the vision in my left eye. It slowly came back over the course of nine months but never recovered fully. I think that’s the usual course of O.N.



ON was the trigger that made my doctor take my problems seriously, leading to the tests that diagnosed my MS. I lost most of the sight in one eye. About 95% came back over about a year, it has left me with slight double vision on the horizontal. Though worse when I am tired or stressed.

I had an episode of ON last year which resulted in about 50% loss of vision in the central focus area of my right eye (peripheral was ok, but made reading difficult). I resisted steroids due to previous experience with side effects, and let nature take its course. Nothing changed for about 2 months after it first came on, then slowly recovery started. After about 6 months I’d say it was 90% recovered, which is where it stayed…still a little blury but doesn’t cause problems.