optical neuritis anyone?

just wondering if anyone else has suffered from optical neuritis that never gain there sight back? I had my first attack of it 5 years ago and still never fully recovered anywhere near normal and now constantly have iritis. Anyone else suffering like this? i feel so alone with this awful life im leading xxxx

Hi Poppy, very sad to read your post. I can’t even begin to imagine having to deal with this damn ppms and also losing so much of your sight.

I am very lucky and have not had ON (yet).

How is your living situation? Are you living on your own? What age are you Poppy? (the reason I ask is because I’m 58 and moved into sheltered housing a couple of years ago, where I get lots of support and social activities).

Apart from the obvious answer… regaining your sight… what would improve your life?

Sorry so many questions but I don’t know how to advise you. Please remember you have mates on here and will help and advise as much as possible.

Take care hon,

Pat x

hello yes ms affected my sight, lost sight in one eye, and sometimes the other one gets foggie and blurred, I can still manage a mobility scooter, as I can see people, each year my eye sight has deteriated, but they thin down the leans, a loss of sight is difficult to accept, but in time you cope, just like you cope with all the symptoms of ms, I do silly things, but have learnt to laugh at myself, as I’m married to my hubby who had a bad stroke 1 year ago, we have care for us both, I can’t stand it when carers tidy up, and although I can walk for short periods, I am forced to go round and round looking for what they have put away, im 63 had ms since I was 40 so I have learnt to survive, with all these different symptoms, where I live it’s not a friendly place, I do get a lot of help at my local supermarket, ie when my fingers are numb and others are getting inpatient I give them my purse, and they sort it, but we must always remember, no what disability we have, we are still a person, as good as anybody else, and through our strife we learn compassion for others, on a goodday, feel happier, infact cherish a good day regards Josie jones

Thankyou both of you for taking the time to reply. I live with my husband and daughter and they look after me, im 47 im very lucky to have them. What would improve me life is a question me and my family have gone over and over time and time again and i believe im at the best stage i possibly can be. Without my sight i see no means of improvement can be made if im honest. Josie you are the first person i have ever spoken to whom is in a similar position, years and years and ive never seen or heard of anyone suffering from ON and not regaining their sight again.

Oh pat you have been so kind, just knowing i have you and all the rest on here makes things seem a little brighter. Thankyou! You look after yourself!

Josie, it must be teriribly hard for you and your husband, but like me we are lucky to have them :). It lovely that person help you, my daughter normally helps me with those things. Did your MS start from optical neuritis? I get alot of numbness aswell, especially in my head and when i walk outside the light does something in my brain and makes my eyesight even more miserable, its getting to the point where i dont want to go outside, ive tried everything dark glasses, eye patches the lot! do you get any of these weird symptoms? Thankyou for talking to me, its means so much! i hope you and your husband as keeping as best as you can be.

Sending my love to you both Josie and Pat xxx