Optic neuritis

Hi, I was wondering if optical neuritis can ever stop? I have had it since 2010 and its really annoying! Everything moves from side to side has anyone had it and it stopped? Thanks Dan

sadly mine continued Dan , 8-9 years now , and they say the longer it continues the less likely it reverses , though I went from totally blind to now seeing at least two thirds of **** all in my right eye , the left wasn’t affected , (yet)

but in the early days they did used to assure me that most people make a pretty full recovery in less than 6 weeks from onset


Sorry to hear that John 8 - 9 years is long! :frowning: I am worried about it. It’s already stopped me driving

is it both eyes Dan ? because you can drive with one good and the other not so good when you get used to it a bit , or if they can make adaptions for you , it should at least calm down a bit and become more predictable for you as time goes on , in the dvla eye test you are allowed to use both eyes at the same time in the field test , my right eye is now like looking through a polythene bag at best with no colour , and so far has given enough back up to drive , though they do allow people with one eye only to drive I believe ,


IV or Oral Steroids may help Dan.

Good luck,


Ill ask my neurologist about trying steroids Thanks And yes John both eyes unfortunatly