Optic Neuritis Question

Hi. My friend got diagnosed with MS on December and I’m trying to be as supportive as I can to her.

Her first symptom was Optic Neuritis and so far it’s getting worse even with medication. Yesterday she started to lose her color vision and the doctor told her that it’s permanent and now she is very depressed and start to lose hope on life. I’ve read everywhere on the Internet about the color loss but I can’t seem to find an answer. Will her color vision also recover once her optic neuritis recover or is this indeed permanent?

My daughter has had optic neuritis twice. The first time loosing vision completely in one eye. She had no treatment for it and her sight did return ( not fully) Healing is different for everyone and for some it is weeks and others months. I don’t think it is right for a doctor to say it is permanent and scare your friend as many people recover really well but in can take time.

if your friend has been given steroids these will usually speed up the healing time. Do hope your friend starts improving soon.

I had Optic Neuritis about 9 years ago.

it started off with a blind spot in one eye and during my various weeks of tests I found that I couldn’t see red or green.

that was interesting driving at night approaching traffic lights!!

it lasted about 6 months but then went away and never returned.

i was diagnosed 3 years ago with RRMS and have a few mobility issues but not too bad.

im not saying that your friends will return but here’s hoping.

best of luck