Opthalmologist visit today

So… saw eye specialist today, was quite enlightening. Some of you will know I have already had a dx of migrain aura (poss hemilplegic or dysphasic). The consultant said i don’t have a sight problem, meaning there is no disease or damage of my actual eyes, apart from astigmitism which I have had all my life) but I do “visual” problems that are caused by a neuroligical disorder. he agrees with the aura diagnosis and was much more informative than the neuro about these. Migrain auras without headcahes are relapsing/remitting and the symptoms can last for a minimum or 3 to 6 months at a time, the symptoms very similar to MS, waekness, pins and needles, dixxyness and poor balance, blurred vision and speach difficulties and other various sensory symptoms. This all fits with what i have so I have to go back to neuro to discuss management as I am currently on a very low dose of meds for this which need to be increased. So anyone not dx and looking for answers, it’s well worth looking at the possibility of this condition, it is SO similar to MS. I’m releived now that 2 consultants have dx this, so we are probably onto something here. I still have to see neuro for discussion about bloods as well as they tested positive for something, but not sure what, but at least i’m on the road to some kind of definate answer. One thing the eye specialist did mention is, migrain and auras can be a symptom of MS and FM so can’t rule those out completely, but at least I can start some proper treatment for my current symptoms xx

Sounds like a really informative appointment, another piece of the jigsaw .Lets hope the whole picture is completed soon for you and the treatment is started soon.


Really glad you’re getting somewhere and understanding it a bit better. Hope the treatment sorts the symptoms out a bit xxxx