Opinion sought. Don't look if you're squeemish

Hey everyone. I joined about 6 months ago after my GP mentioned she was worried about the possibility of MS.

Had the neuro appt and MRI without contrast in december, all normal.

went to have my eyes checked (routine) last week, optometrist noted my optic discs looked swollen, appeared slightly fuzzy and should be more of a crisp outline.

I know in MS optic neuritis is common, usually affecting one eye. both of my discs are “fuzzy”, so know it’s not optic neuritis.

she said it could be caused by increased pressure in the head - surely the MRI would have picked this up?

I had to cancel the follow up with the neurologist so never got to go over the scan results.

I have an opthamology appt next week.

has anyone had a similar happening with their discs? was told it could be something or it could be nothing.

i’m trying to post a picture below, but it might not work

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v93/morrish/Image2_zpsxuff4yzs.jpg Eyes Right-Left


hi katina

it’s a very difficult time when you have a possible diagnosis.

keep seeing your gp to discuss any new symptoms or changes to any existing ones.

this will get it all logged onto your medical records.

i never had any eye problems (touch wood) my MRI got me diagnosed very quickly with rrms, so i assume it was lit up like a christmas tree!

please do not allow yourself to get stressed (see another post about stress) it only makes it all worse.

mindfulness meditation is brilliant for relaxing your mind and gets you a good night’s sleep too.

carole x