What next?.

Hi all, so went to dr today for MRI results… Can’t honestly say I grasped most of it… But no m.s legions spotted?.. Did say 3 discs in cervical spine were conpressed? And cyst on thyroid… So now it’s opticians to check for optic something or another then back to neuro… Does it get any less confusing?

They are probably looking for optic neuritis, there is some good information about it here:

Hi Mrs Ricco, well doesn’t sound like MS at moment anyway.

As Anon says, they might be looking for optic neuritis if they spotted ‘pale discs’ in your eyes. Although an MS symptoms loads of people without MS get it too.

The cyst on thyroid is interesting. Thyroid symptoms can be very much like MS symptoms… so that could have been causing MS-like symptoms.

Have they said how they are going to treat it?

It can be a long haul hon trying to find out what’s wrong… so hang in there… and sounds as if neuro is doing good thorough tests.

All the best,

Pat x