One for wheelchair users

How do you manage to carry things whilst also driving your wheelchair please?


I struggle with this one too, have stuff on me and down the side, look like a shoplifter! It’s ok when I’ve bagged it and sling it over the back , over the hand rails.

Be interesting to hear some ideas from others.

Use a backpack and carry some small items between my legs.

I have an anorak with zip opening elastic around the waist. If I half close the zip this allows me to carry most things inside the coat leaving my hands free. Obviously not cups of tea; liquids unless there in a sealed container.


Hi, I’ve just got a wheelchair… couple of weeks ago. Someone on here recommended that I get an ‘under seat wheelchair bag’ off Amazon… which I did.

It goes right under the seat and the zip is at the front so you open it between your legs. Sounds rude LOL…

Haven’t even used it yet but I did work out how to put it on and looks good… although I have bars under the wheelchair which obstruct it a bit… but I would still be able to get stuff in in.

Go to Amazon and put in search ‘under seat wheelchair bag’.

Pat x

For small things; letters; docs etc.

Any ideas for carrying fluids such as a cup of tea please?

I used to use a under seat bag which was great– but it won’t fit on my new chair – the batteries are in the way.

I have a pannier bag that fits on the arm for small items. I bought a hook thingy that is made for a baby’s pram for the back bar of my headrest. You can attach any number of carriers to it without fear of them falling off. I have a shopping bag fixed to this with handles long enough for me to pull it round to the front to put things in. I keep my wet weather gear in this bag.


HI, do you mean indoors or out…or both?

Indoors, I made a gingham quilted bag for the side, which houses my water bottle and phones.

For out and about, I have a made for purpose zipped bag, which holds my change of clothes, wipes etc. I have 3 hooks on the handrail for shopping. My carers have to sort this lot out so i can be lazy and not think about how much is amassing behind me! There isn`t room for an underslung storage rack, due to the batteries.

luv Pollx

Hi I hang bags off the arms - I’ve adapted a computer bag for papers and a briefcase for other goods, I’ve also adapted a small handbag for cards, phone, money, keys, pens etc. I bought some broad elastic and sewed them to made handles for the armrests so they can also be removed - I’m a proper shopping trolley really - but it works for me. I found it to difficult to reach behind me to open a back pack so I brought everything forward to the arms.

:wink: Mary

Ive seen theorisings attachments…they are genius!



I always carry a plastic shopping bag and it can be carried on the handle (have to ask someone to do it) or you can use the handles in your teeth if it’s not to heavy.


Thanks for all the tips so far.

Is there any way of carrying a cup of tea from one room to another?

I use a travel mug - not so nice to drink out of but at least I don’t spill it. I supose you could use it as a jug and decant into a nice china cup when you get where you’re going