One for the ladies with youngsters


I was diagnosed exactly one year after the birth of my daughter. She is now five. I have a desperate longing to add to our family, however, I am crippled by severe fatigue! My sense is telling me to step away from any such ideas but I cannot get these thoughts out of my mind! I am trying to reduce my current medication in order to stop my meds completely, this is really not easy but I think that my meds are a contributing factor to my fatigue. I don’t feel that I have much time to play with as I have just turned 36. Does anyone else have similar experiences? What did you end up doing? Fascinated to know what you decided to do?! Thanks x

Hi smifster, It is difficult to advise anybody in your situation what to do as it is such a personal thing. I was lucky in as much as my children were older when I was diagnosed. What I would say is that if you really do want another child I would say go for it because you might regret it later when it is too late. A lot of people with MS say their symptoms improve when they are pregnant. Whatever you decide I wish you all the best. Anne x.

Thanks Anne, my gut reaction is to go for it but I think my biggest hurdle maybe convincing my husband! Food for thought though , thank you for your time x

i know it’s not the same as i don’t have to go through the pregnancy, but i am a registered childminder and i still managed to look after a baby from 3 months old (alongside a 3 year old and a 4 year old)…some days it is really hard work but somehow, despite me thinking i won’t be able to, i always manage it. if you have a desperate longing i think you should follow your heart x

Its ultimately your choice. I went through this decision only a month ago… See one of my older posts re children. We have decided not to have anymore for several reasons inc the m.s however I must admit I didn’t have the same feeling that I really wanted more children so thats where we differ hun. I also nearly died having my little boy, lost alot of blood and was very lucky. Thie does not mean not having them is the right decision for you. You may need to make sure you have family available to help.out but if its what you really want go for it hun. Obviously if your husband is in agreement too, wont happen without that :wink: however if you decide not at least you have one…i have a few friends that can’t have children and they have told me before theyd be just happy to have one! It doesn’t mean your life will not be as good. But it is ultimately your decision hun. Good luck x x x