On a plus side....

With a numb leg and its own radiator on high I didn’t feel the cold in my left leg while watching the Football at BCFC this afternoon! 0 - 1 to Charlton so nothing to sing and dance about for :-[ What’s yours?

When I got completely numb feet, which led to my diagnosis, a small perk was that they stopped hurting, which they’d been doing for years!

In fact, I noticed the pain had stopped before I twigged anything was wrong. At first, I thought: “Oh good, this is better - my feet don’t hurt!” It was only after that I noticed they couldn’t feel anything at all, which was not quite such a boost. :frowning:



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There is usually some sort of silver lining to be found, mine is that I no longer feel guilty about declining to dance. On the other hand …



Me too!


I can no longer decorate for myself or my mum, I can no longer do our gardens or change the bedding…

My silver lining…I no longer have to decorate or garden or change the bedding…on the other hand my son is wondering how he ever got lumbered with doing it all for three homes.

Jan x

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