oligoclonal bands??

Can someone help with a question I have please? What does it mean if someone has ‘MS markers’ in their CSF on a LP? Clear MRI apart from a pineal cyst (they were looking for IIH). MS has never been mentioned so it came as a bit of a surprise but there was no explanation from neurologist before being discharged and being told to advise any future medical professionals that we see. Does this mean that MS will develop eventually? Or maybe there is more of a chance of it? Thanks for any help :slight_smile: x

i think (don’t exactly know) that LP results, together with MRI and medical history build a picture for the neuro.

have you been told it’s ms or CIS (clinically isolated syndrome).

if it’s CIS they need evidence of another attack to provide the multiple in multiple sclerosis.

so you’ll have to wait for answers.

why not ring the neuro’s secretary and explain that you don’t understand.

or see your GP who may have a better understanding from the letter sent by the neuro.

carole x

Have a look at the brilliant explanation about positive LPs and negative MRI:

I think it means that you could develop MS, but that you are just as likely not to. Or you could develop something else that has the same CSF O bands. Or nothing at all.

And that therefore, in the absence of any symptoms, you should try not to get worried about the potential for MS or anything else.