CSF negative?

So my MRI shows lesions that appear typical of MS, but my CSF test came back with no Oligloclonal bands. I saw my family doc to get results, but haven’t talked to neurologist yet.

I know the bands don’t always show up in MS, but this is probably a good sign right?

Cautiously optimistic!!



Apparently about 95% of people with MS have oligoclonal bands in their CSF. So it’s entirely likely that it’s not MS.

But as you say, wait for the neurologist to give you his/her opinion before throwing the party!

Hopefully the appointment will be soon and equally positive as your negative CSF result!


Yes…I only know about the results because I contacted my family doctor to see if they were in or not - and they were. So I got the results from her, but she made sure to reiterate that she has not been trained in this area, so all she could say was that the result was negative. My neurologist said she would call me as soon as the results were in…I am still anxiously awaiting that phone call but nothing yet.

I am relieved if it’s not MS, but also wondering why I have an MRI that looks like MS. So many questions!