Oh my god ! Steroid methylprednisolone !

I don’t believe that it’s possible to feel so bad after stopping methylprednisolone after 5 days , I’m a shakey anxious tingling weak mess ! Feel like putting a gun in my mouth ! My head is completely f**ked , so is my body .

are the after effects really so bad ??!! .

thinking it’s far far worse than any relapse ??!!

oh my god oh my god oh my god !

Gaz, the come down from steroids for me lasts just two days after the final dose, two long days it’s true, but just two days, and then it suddenly stops. And the steroids work.

Have you called your GP or MS nurse? They could surely help, there must be something they could give you. If you haven’t already, then give them a call. Now!


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