Oh, I Don't Even Care!

Didn’t have a drink for 4 years, and now here I am drinking SoCo and Lem. Smoking…not cigarettes Diagnosed just under a year, having a delayed reaction. Feeling I will do whatever I want. And that is pretty much what I’m doing. It’s hard cos like, my Mum says to me…oh it’s not as bad as your stepdad (he had, and survived, cancer by the time he was my age - 28) and I say yeah. But really I’m thinking, is that fair to say that? Is cancer the same as m.s? I know he cleared it, and still checks up every 2 years, but is it the same? No, I don’t think it is. M.S isn’t something you get rid of and then check every 2 years to makes sure it’s still gone. So whatever. I just feel like what-ever Yeah so what I didn’t drink for four years and now I’m back on with mucho gusto. Who f***ing cares. At this moment in time? Not me

People shouldn’t ever compare one person’s problems with someone else’s; whether that’s disease, finances, home life, whatever. That’s just one of the shittier things that humans do to each other.

Hope your evening of imbibing doesn’t make you live to regret it tomorrow, and your mental sun comes out for you too. :slight_smile:

Jackie ᵔᴥᵔ

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The two things can’t be compared!

And as long as you’re able to cope with the consequences, you’re free to do whatever you want…but perhaps after a while you will care…just don’t leave it too long

Rosina x

No, of course it isn’t fair to say that; it is actually a really stupid thing to say, but we all say stupid things, even mums, so try not to let it get to you.

Nothing wrong with delayed reactions, by the way. Sometimes we just need to do what we need to do, and to heck with it all.


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Hi that is so unfair I had cancer in 2008 after op had septicemia 9 drips to keep me alive. Then 2009 told I had MS and now wish they hadn’t kept me alive I know which I think is worse. Nurse that I had for cancer told me there is worse things than cancer and she used to be an MS nurse. Having said this cancer killed my dad in 2013 but it had spread all through his body when it was found so they wouldn’t treat him and he was ready to go. I think it is the individuals choice what they think. x