Official Interloper!

Well though I’m still in the midst of appointments and tests and all, the neurologist assured me that MS is not the cause. I am under the umbrella of CFS and probable PoTS with a few other things thrown in! So I am officially an interloper here… though still appreciative of a lot of symptom tips I’ve received (because they’re still the same!).

You are a wonderful bunch doing a great job of support, laughs, information and reassurance to many!

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Awww,whatever you are YD, you’ll always be 1 of us xxxxx

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Ahhhhh thank you!

(“Whatever you are…” I think “disaster zone” would fit quite well lol!!)

That still makes you one of us.

Ant. x

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Definitely one of us Dahlia. You’re entitled to an IOD passport.



Your most welcome here.


Thank you, you lovely people! X

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