Odstock FES Consumables - Heads up

Had need to return the wireless footswitch for my Pace XL due to it becoming intermittent, signalling only every other step or so. Following the inspection I was advised that it had a crack in it and was beyond economical repair , so with little hesitation I was on the phone to order a replacement, however, I was stopped in my tracks (sorry) when I was told this switch would cost £175 plus the vodka & tonic.

So this is only to advise you that if you’re thinking of upgrading to an XL wireless unit my advice would be don’t bother if the life expectancy of the main differing feature is only 15 months (in my case), far better to save the money for replacement wired switches & pads.

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That’s interesting. I have a wired one from physiotherapy - good to know that it wouldn’t be a great idea to upgrade out of my own pocket!

Surely, there should be no VAT on this - it is to help with a chronic illness after all.

I am on the original Pace (wired).
The wireless foot-switch (and the rest of the gear) is of no real interest to me because my foot-switch is moulded into a half insole orthotic (so it is always in the same place without a but of double sided sticky tape).
This was set up by the Orthotics department at Odstock (now adjacent to the FES clinic room).


Good point about the VAT, I shall ask why I was charged that on the wired switches I ordered.

Received a reply to my email from Odstock. They have a new signalling switch coming soon called LINQ which suggests they’re unhappy with the current design, this new switch negates the need for the insoles which currently carry the wireless footswitch, also suggesting it will provide a much longer lifespan. So I will wait to see if this is works for me or not.

Still very pleased with the leg cuff though, makes the whole thing really easy to get on and with the 60cm plugged footswitch its only takes slightly longer to get myself ready to go out.

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This is on, but obviously needs clarification.

I have to purchase extra lead am I able to claim back the VAT on these if I have a long term medical condition?

The answer is a bit complicated I am afraid and is decided by HMRC.

Equipment that requires a fitting at a hospital is not VAT exempt, therefore when you are set up with FES all of the equipment has to be charged with VAT. However, for replacements of equipment that is specifically designed for FES and therefore to be used by people with disabilities, these items are VAT exempt. Therefore the footswitch lead, footswitch and stimulator pouch are VAT exempt when ordering replacements.

Other replacement equipment you may need like electrode leads and electrodes is not VAT exempt because it can be used on other equipment that is not specifically used for people with disabilities.

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Has anyone else had problems with the Pace Pouch as they call it - ie. the little leather / plastic pouch which fits on a belt? The first one broke within 5 months and the replacement has split within three months. I really don’t think I am misusing in anyway, the loop broke first time round and the second (which they indicated had been slightly re-designed) the case split where the belt loop attaches. I will ring them tomorrow and request a replacement, let’s see. The pouch is very neat but doesn’t seem fit for purpose.