Ocrelizumab and attending work during COVID times

Hello, this is the first time I have asked a question on the forum, so I hope it reaches the right section. Like many of you I have been shielding throughout the pandemic. My question to the group is, are people who are on Ocrelizumab attending their workplace? Whilst the numbers were low in July I went back to work (in a school) on a phased return and felt comfortable, however with recent figures, I have taken the choice to work from home again. Work have been extremely supportive throughout, however I now have to make the decision as to whether I return to work or be temporarily re-deployed (re-deployment is not my preferred choice). I just can’t decide what to do for the best, am I being too over cautious or should I just get on with it, keeping myself safe where possible? I’m hopeful that people can share their views regarding what they have done around work. Thanks.

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Covid actually gave me the opportunity to work from home, that wasn’t previously available to me and I’m coping ok with it to be honest, prefer it to driving 50 miles (round trip) each day and listening to the chitter chatter in an office - we are supposed to be returning to a hybrid model early next year (8 days per month in the office) I’m in no great panic to be honest to get back - one day a week would suit me fine and i guess it keeps me safe as well

I didn’t shield but I did work from home for 18 months. I’m now back working in my London office 1 day a week and it feels good to be returning to a bit of normality. The trains are busy and mask wearing somewhat sporadic but on the whole I feel as safe as I can be and am more than ready to get on with my life….

Thanks for letting me know how you are dealing with work at present. That’s great you have been able to work from home and you haven’t got to rush around to get to work! I would like to continue working from home in my existing job but unfortunately it’s not an option any longer. I just don’t know how I feel about being in a room with so many people all day with the numbers being so high again! Are you still being extremely cautious regarding mixing with other people, given the medication we are on? I am, but I wonder if I need to relax a little and just get on with it.

That’s really reassuring to hear that you are back working and getting on with things, even travelling on busy trains. Do you mind me asking are you also taking Ocrelizumab? If so, I think I need to up my game and get out there a little more.

No I’m on tecfidera. You should do what you are comfortable with doing. I feel ok with the arrangements I have in place currently. The train is the busiest part and is not great but if I don’t do that then I’m stuck indoors and that wasn’t doing me much good long term. It’s all a bit of a juggling act bur life with MS generally is :roll_eyes:

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Ocrevus user here. I am working from home most days, with the occasional visit to the office. Not much in my job that can’t be done just as well from home… and for the odd day here and there, it’s not too awful. And WFH helps with the fatigue… instead of a half hour drive to work, it’s approx… er, thirty seconds down the stairs and into the office (room with my computer in it). I always said I didn’t want to WFH, and preferred to keep a clear distinction between them - but I’ve come round to the idea, and indeed prefer it now. The occcasional day in the office keeps me in touch with other people, and reconnects me with the real world.

There’s definitely something to be said for going down stairs and into your office - best commute ever!! I’m glad working from home is working well for you. Unfortunately this isn’t possible in my existing job that I have done for about 20 years, so depending how things are with COVID in the future I may have to re-evaluate my job, I suppose only time will tell!!